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16 Bluestone Circuit
Seventeen Mile Rocks
QLD Australia 4073

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The Q-Cabair system, from LSM Technologies, protects quarry operators and equipment while enhancing overall performance.
LSM Technologies’ TMSystems provide accurate, durable and real-time data on the condition of tyres.
The RESPA cabin pressuriser and filtration system is ideal for applications that require optimum cabin pressurisation and clean, fresh air.
LSM Technologies’ Ride-On Tyre Protection System is a line of sealants and balancers designed to prevent flats caused by punctures.
LSM Technologies’ Driver Fatigue Monitor combines an easy to install, dash-mounted camera with intelligent video algorithms.
LSM Technologies provides a select range of Specialised Products Technologies and Engineering Services that add- value and substantial savings to our customers /clients / OEM's operations.

LSM Technologies is a Solutions Company providing application engineering solutions for any application or industry.

This combination of expertise and services means that LSM Technologies can assist their customers / clients / OEM's with solutions that provide:

•Extended Component Service Life.
•Enhanced Workplace Safety & Operator Health.
•Reduced Equipment Damage.
•Increased Productivity.