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The Tsurumi LH series high head 316 grade stainless steel pumps are suitable for extractive applications.
The Tsurumi LH series high head 316 grade stainless steel pumps are suitable for extractive applications.

Self-priming, submersible innovations for extractive applications

Why self-priming and submersible pumps are proving invaluable in dewatering and applications.

Australian Pump Industries (aka Aussie Pumps) have launched a number of dewatering innovations that can be employed in construction materials applications.

The company’s research has revealed that 80 per cent of construction and mine site dewatering jobs can be carried out by pumps that are self-priming and do not need compressors or a vacuum-primed system.

“Those priming systems can be troublesome,” Aussie Pumps’ chief engineer John Hales said.

The latest 6” (or 152mm) self-priming pump delivers up to 4500 litres per minute (lpm). Its high efficiency means it can be driven by a 22kW diesel engine and still achieve a 30m vertical lift. Its self-priming characteristics enable it to draft water from depths of up to 7.6m.

The pump is manufactured from heavy-duty high SG cast iron with the body incorporating a huge priming tank. “That priming tank is what enables the pump to prime fast even from over 7.5m depths,” Hales said.

Another feature is a large front clean-out port. That port can be opened up in a matter of seconds and clogs, blockages and solids can be cleaned out quickly without disturbing pipework.

A huge non-clog-opened styled impeller enables the passing of spherical solids up to 2” (or 51mm). The pump is claimed to be ideal for handling sandy slurry liquids and will go straight through the open impeller.

“Dry prime pumps depend on compressor or vacuum pumps to work”, Hales said. “By contrast, simple self-priming is more reliable, less costly and easier to maintain”, he said.

The Aussie 6” pump is self-priming – with a lift to 7.6m.
The Aussie 6” pump is self-priming – with a lift to 7.6m.

The new Aussie 6” trash pump will handle a wide range of duties. It can double as a fast fill tanker pump to aid in dust suppression or alternatively divert creeks or streams in road and bridge works.

Like dust, corrosive liquids on extractive sites are a fact of life. Metalliferous mines are susceptible to pump breakdowns simply because the pump’s material of construction is not compatible with the required mid-range PH liquids.

Aussie Pumps has worked with Tsurumi, the world’s largest pump manufacturer, to develop a range of electro-submersible pumps designed to deal with these issues. The Tsurumi LH series pumps are available in 316 stainless steel, in a range of up to 110kW with heads as high as 200m, and can deliver flows of up to 6500 lpm, according to Aussie Pumps’ Tsurumi product manager Neil Bennett.

The pumps, with their high flows and high head combination are designed in a “slimline” frame that enables the pump to be used in bores and wells. For example, even the 110kW pump has a diameter of only 606mm.

Additionally, the pump incorporates a centred discharge flange that ensures the pump is ideally balanced for lifting in its installed position. Discharge ports are up to 200mm (8”) and are flanged.

The pumps achieve their high performance by using two 316 stainless steel impellers. Pumps over 55kW are fitted with electro-type leakage sensors and protection anodes where required.

Tsurumi’s anti-wicking cable entry prevents water into the motor if the power lead is damaged or the end submerged. Their double dual silicone carbide mechanical seal system is an added feature. The seals are incorporated in an oil chamber fitted with a patented “oil lifter”. The oil lifter provides forced lubrication into the mechanical seals, ensuring they always stay “wet”.

That extension of seal life and the anti-wicking cable entry point eliminates 90 per cent of the reasons of failure in submersible motors, dramatically extending the pump’s life and ultimately its reliability on-site.

Further information about the Aussie 6” pump and the Tsurumi LH series is available from Aussie Pumps.

Source: Australian Pump Industries

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Wednesday, 19 June, 2019 3:06am
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