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A photography exhibition specifically dedicated to quarries has recently gone on display.
A photography exhibition specifically dedicated to quarries has recently gone on display.

Art exhibition pays tribute to quarries

An international photographer’s ‘fascination’ with quarries has recently been exhibited at a contemporary art gallery in the US.

Andrew Buck’s exhibition Andrew Buck: Quarry – which features multiple panoramic black and white close-ups of active and idle quarries throughout the US – has been put on display at art gallery Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut.

According to a report from the Hartford Courant, Buck’s prints of various granite and limestone quarries – which range in size from two to eight metres – highlight “seemingly alien lands, occupied only by stairstep-shaped hills, sand, rocks, scrubby bushes and rain puddles”.

“One exceptional photo shows an abandoned quarry deeply filled with water, a rusty old derrick in the background, a crumbling brick shed, and an abandoned floating platform,” it continued.

Buck further detailed his inspiration behind the exhibition.

“The sheer size of the space of most quarries is awe-inspiring in a strange manner – that is, that these spaces are man-made, not natural,” Buck said. “Many of them are otherworldly in both appearance and in actual experience. The overwhelming silence enhances the experience.”

As reported by Quarry, quarry landscapes and materials have often been the inspiration for other art galleries’ exhibitions in recent years.

Earlier this year, a ‘lost’ sketch of a quarry by renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh was put on display for the first time, while a few years prior, recycled construction material and aggregate featured heavily in an art exhibit in NGV International’s Federation Court by a Sydney-based artist.

Andrew Buck: Quarry is on display at the Real Art Ways art gallery until May 2018.

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Tuesday, 23 October, 2018 10:06am
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