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New year's resolutions and the value of membership

Clayton Hill shares his new year's resolution and explains the value of membership in hopes of encouraging others to join and realise the advantages of being a member of the IQA.

Welcome to 2018! I hope you all had a safe and happy new year’s break and the chance to unwind in preparation for the year ahead.

Many people, of course, make new year’s resolutions, with all the best intentions of keeping them.

Over the holidays and driving some 5000 kilometres across our great country and back, I had plenty of time to consider what my new year’s resolution might be.

Besides spending more time in the outdoors with my family, my resolution is for the IQA to consult more with our members and with non-members, providing information on the work of the IQA board, and to also seek feedback (positive and negative).

I have been visiting branches and sub-branches since my appointment and I’ll continue to do the rounds this year and talk to those engaged in our industry. I’d like to find out what’s valued as a member and what impediments might be preventing or restricting other people from becoming members.

"I ask that you consider which PDP may assist you in your role, as these programs cannot be offered without support"

As I’ve mentioned previously, the IQA is committed to providing benefits to our members, and the IQA’s 2017-2021 strategic plan also acknowledges this commitment to further engage with and diversify our membership.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, apart from ensuring that the professional organisation you’re involved with is providing benefits for your membership dollar or registration cost to events, this is a great time to express your opinions in relation to the value of membership and the direction of the organisation.

I’d also ask that our members commit to the values of the organisation and encourage others to join and realise the advantages of being a member of the IQA, whose vision is to educate and connect our extractive industry.

Speaking of expressing your opinion, most people would be aware that the IQA runs a number of face to face and webinar Professional Development Programs (PDPs and wPDPs). We are very lucky to have an excellent range of educational products, designed for the quarry industry and developed with direct input from the industry.

Significant effort has been employed to review the content of many existing programs and to also release new and relevant PDPs and wPDPs.

I’d ask that you consider which of these training programs may be relevant to your position or those that may assist in increasing or refreshing your knowledge, as without continued support these programs cannot continue to be offered.

The IQA is certainly a leader with respect to training material, and the great support and participation from our New Zealand Institute of Quarrying cousins is proof of the quality and relevance of the training material. Your local branch or sub-branch committee can assist in getting to your area a PDP that you’re interested in attending.

A list of all our PDPs and wPDPs can be found on the IQA website – – and a calendar of upcoming training and events can also be viewed via the website.

I hope 2018 has started well for you all, and I look forward to the challenges and successes of the year ahead.

Clayton Hill
General Manager • Groundwork Plus

Clayton Hill is the principal operations consultant at Groundwork Plus, with over 12 years experience in the quarry industry in both the public and private sectors. 

Thursday, 24 January, 2019 03:27pm
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