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The KTZ411 can reduce pump maintenance and improve water handling on-site.
The KTZ411 can reduce pump maintenance and improve water handling on-site.

Submersible pumps equipped for dewatering challenges

The ever-changing site topography at a quarry presents a unique dewatering challenge. Submersible pumps offer a flexible solution with a number of cost-saving advantages in terms of installation, maintenance and supervision.

“Moving water efficiently to maintain production capacity, especially after a flood event, needs a robust submersible that can handle abrasive water,” Australian Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps) product manager Neil Bennett said.

“The KTZ series of submersible pumps are specifically designed for such applications and are a smart investment for quarry managers.”

Tsurumi, the world’s largest manufacturer of submersibles, developed the KTZ range of cast iron pumps to handle abrasive water. These pumps can reduce maintenance and installation costs, and are widely used in quarrying, mining and concrete batch plant applications.

The KTZ pumps are simple to install so can be moved around the site as required.

“Tsurumi cut their teeth developing dewatering pumps in the 1950s during the rebuilding of Japan.” Bennett said. “Duties included land reclamation, piling and dewatering. They soon found their way into concrete batch plants as the ready-mix industry took off in Japan.”

The KTZ pumps are simple to install so can be moved around the site as required. Their internal features, together with cast-iron construction, enable them to operate on an angle, eliminating the need for a pontoon or stabilising platform.

“Submersibles can be stored for months when not required, then set up quickly without the fuss of engine servicing and refuelling,” Bennett said. “There’s no danger of swamping the pump if it’s located in a flood prone area, and it can be set up to run automatically as required.”

The KTZ411 is a high capacity, 101mm (4”), 11kW pump that can deliver more than 1000 litres per metre (lpm) at a head height of 35m. That performance makes it an ideal quarry pump, as flooded areas can be brought back online faster and the water can be moved further distances.

The KTZ411 has been built to withstand abrasive conditions, and offers a considerably longer service life. It is fitted with a three-phase, heavy-duty two-pole motor with thermal protection. The heavy-duty cast-iron pump has high chrome wear components. It also features anti-wicking cables and silicon carbide seals that function to maximise performance longevity in extremely challenging environments.

High head submersible

The new high head, KTZ615 submersible sub-pump is also suitable for dewatering and batch plant applications. The unit has a head capability of up to 55m.

“Traditionally, dirty water submersible pumps aren’t designed for high head applications,” Bennett said. “The KTZ615 is innovative in that it uses the same philosophies and technologies from the existing KTZ range but adds extra power and a bigger impeller to drive water higher.”

The 152mm (6”) KTZ615 has a 15kW motor, with a maximum flow of 2800 lpm. Its maximum head of 55m is achieved with a single piece impeller, not multi-stage, made from high-chrome cast-iron. It is fitted with a strainer that can handle solids of 12mm.

The KTZ615 has all of Tsurumi’s regular features for heavy-duty dewatering pumps, including double dual mechanical seals with integrated oil lifter. Those seals run in oil to provide greater longevity and performance reliability. The patented oil lifter keeps oil circulating even if the pump is not running in a strictly vertical position.

A pressure relief port protects the mechanical seal faces from extreme pressure while simultaneously diverting abrasive particles from the seal face, which is particularly useful in extractive operations.

Like the KTZ411, the KTZ615 is also fitted with an anti-wicking cable and silicon carbide seals that won’t let water into the motor, even if the cable is damaged or cut.

“In some pumps, water may wick down inside a damaged cable, causing catastrophic motor failure.” Bennett said. “Tsurumi’s cable block is a major leap forward in technology to virtually eliminate water ingress from the top end of the motor.”

A free selection guide covering Tsurumi’s range of heavy-duty submersibles from dewatering through to slurry pumps is available from Aussie Pumps.

Source: Australian Pump Industries

Tuesday, 23 October, 2018 10:05am
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