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Sand Processing

The AquaCycle thickener at Darwin River Quarries can recycle up to 90 per cent of waste water received.
The AquaCycle thickener at Darwin River Quarries can recycle up to 90 per cent of waste water received.

Sand washing tech assists top end producer's output

A northern Australian producer has worked closely with CDE Global on a bespoke plant for production of construction and filter sands.

Located 70km south-east of Darwin, Northern Territory, Darwin River Quarries processes natural sandstone into five grades of washed sands for the local construction industry.

As the company, comprising two local contracting businesses, took ownership of a new mining lease that had a resource suitable for the production of construction and filter sands, Darwin River Quarries was in the advantageous position of working from a blank canvas to develop a materials wet processing installation to its exact requirements.

Darwin River Quarries initially experienced difficulties identifying a materials processing equipment provider in the region that could offer a turnkey solution and deal with the technical demand required for its project.

From an article in this very magazine, covering a similar project delivered by CDE in South Australia, the co-owners of Darwin River Quarries, Tony Sage and Danny Skewes, contacted the site owner and paid him a visit. Satisfied with the efficiency and quality of CDE’s solution in South Australia, Sage and Skewes contacted CDE for an initial conversation on their needs and spent further time visiting and researching CDE and other equipment providers’ sites in Australia.

"The company’s materials wet processing technology provides the ideal solution for quarries, mines, mineral sand and recycling operations"

After exhaustive investigation, Sage and Skewes opted for CDE as the company that offered the best value for money and came with the best recommendations, including successful reference operations in Australia and abroad.

As Darwin River Quarries started to refine its requirements, a sample of raw material was sent to the CDE laboratory in Northern Ireland for sieve analysis. This revealed a mixture of 2.36, 1.18, 0.600, 0.300, 0.150 grades and 10 per cent of clay and fine tailings.

“Our aim was to produce 120 tonnes per hour (tph) of washed sands, but being a new market, the plant had to have the flexibility of being able to make different grades as required, which CDE was able to do,” Sage said.

Darwin River Quarries opted for a CDE turnkey wet processing plant comprising an M2500 sand washing plant, attrition cells, an AquaCycle thickener that recycles up to 90 per cent of waste water, and two EvoWash sand washing plants, including one with counter flow classification unit technology for optimal lightweights removal and quality of feed stock. A coarse screen and a fine screen, as well as a 16m radial conveyor and three product conveyors, complete the installation. The plant solution is producing five sand fractions from the raw feed.

“Not only were we able to supply comfort to our client by offering a complete solution,” said Marius Snyman, CDE Global’s regional manager for Australasia, “but CDE also ensured that proven wet process equipment solutions were used in our design, backed by decades of wet processing experience, delivering a highly efficient plant solution.

“Designing and building a tailor-madewet processing solution for the Darwin River Quarries installation was an exciting challenge.

“In collaboration with our client, we aimed to simultaneously produce five high quality types of sands in consistent quantities that would also be dry enough to be ready for market straight from the belt.”

CDE has designed, manufactured and commissioned more than 1000 wet processing installations worldwide since its beginnings in 1992. It has also built more than 30 reference sites in Australia since its first plant in 2013. CDE has showcased its wet processing ability across various sectors, with the most recent being two wash plants treating iron ore in South Australia at a combined output of 950 tph.

The company’s materials wet processing technology provides the ideal solution for quarries, mines, mineral sand and recycling operations, offering in-specification stockpiled material with efficient economical and environmentally friendly water and energy consumption solutions.

“Australia is a natural bed of various mineral resources, which can be exploited in a highly profitable manner,” Snyman said. “CDE’s wet processing experience, technology and turnkey user-friendly wet processing solutions are perfectly adapted to meet the requirements for any volume of high quality sand and aggregates with consistent gradings.

“If you partner with an experienced and proven wet processing solutions provider and develop the correct processing solution for your operation, you will benefit from a constantly performing profitable operation.

“Darwin River Quarries is a perfect example of how our Australian customers are benefiting from quality sand that is ready for market straight from the belt, achieving a fast return on investment as a result.”

Source: CDE Global

Thursday, 18 October, 2018 05:26am
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