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A disused, flooded quarry in Scotland plays host to the World Stone Skimming Championships. Image courtesy: Brendan O’Hara.
A disused, flooded quarry in Scotland plays host to the World Stone Skimming Championships. Image courtesy: Brendan O’Hara.

Disused site hosts unique, global competition

The 20th World Stone Skimming Championships, held annually in a flooded, disused quarry on a remote Scottish island, brought in more than 800 participants and spectators from all around the world this year.

The Championships were held in the secluded Scottish island of Easdale on 24 September where spectators gathered around the flooded quarry to watch 350 participants skim flat stones across the water.

This year’s Men’s category winner was a contestant who hailed from Japan – his winning skim reached a distance of 60 metres.

A report by the Herald Scotland provided details on why the flooded quarry was the ideal location for such a competition.

“Easdale was once the centre of a thriving Scottish slate industry,” organiser David Melville told the publication.

“When that folded in the early part of last century we were left with flooded quarries and a lot of slate that had been washed back from the sea where it had been dumped, so we have an abundance of perfect skimming stones on the beach.”

According to the official Skimming Championship website, anyone of any age and skill level was eligible to enter. Each participant was allowed three tries and skims were judged on the distance thrown rather than the number of bounces.

Easdale has a population of approximately 60 and is accessible only by a ferry that can carry 10 passengers at a time. According to Herald Scotland, there are no cars on the island and locals use wheelbarrows to transport goods.

The World Stone Skimming Championships were started in 1983 by local Albert Baker, and then lay dormant until the Easdale Island Community Development Group resurrected the event in 1997.

The championships are held every year on the last Sunday in September with people coming from as far away as Japan, Russia and the USA to take part.

The World Stone Skimming Championships 2018 will take place on Sunday 23 September, 2018.

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