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A year in review

One year into his presidency, John Mitas discusses some of the key strategies of the IQA. 

It is now one year since I was elected President of the IQA for a two-year term. It has been a very busy year and I would like to share with you some of the key initiatives of the IQA.

The IQA board is currently reviewing our strategic plan to focus our energy and resources on our vision to provide world-class professional development for the extractive industries and to ensure we are all working towards our goals to establish a Quarrying Academy and align the IQA’s service offerings with industry needs.

The IQA membership has reached 1620 this financial year and membership diversification and engagement strategies are required to ensure a sustainable membership growth is achieved through our 18 affiliated IQA branches and sub-branches throughout Australia.

General Manager Paul Sutton and his national office team have been working hard to support our members, branches and sub-branches. The IQA has been working on developing and implementing education products and services for our members and the extractive industry.

The highly successful safety and environmental seminars developed in partnership with industry and the regulators have been very well attended and have become annual events in most states.

The Young Members network (YMN), under the leadership of Blake Ardrey, has been successful in setting up networks throughout Australia and organising annual international study tours. If you are below 35 years old and are associated with our industry, I encourage you to contact the IQA and get involved with the YMN.

The IQA Women in Quarrying (WIQ) initiative is gaining momentum, with a number of meetings taking place throughout Australia. I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural WIQ lunch in Victoria recently, with more than 50 representatives from industry, government and the education sectors. Tegan Smith, our national co-ordinator, and a number of other branch and sub-branch co-ordinators for the WIQ were also in attendance. The IQA website provides details of upcoming WIQ, YMN and educational initiatives.

I would like to highlight and thank the Australian Institute of Quarrying Education Foundation (AIQEF) and its board for continuing to support our industry with funding for development of education products and services. I encourage our members and industry to support the AIQEF by bidding on items in the soon to be released 2016 AIQEF silent auction.

In my July editorial, I wrote about the upcoming CMIC16 conference, which is jointly organised by the IQA and Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia (CCAA), and provided details of an early program that was developed by the organising committee to support the conference theme of capability and innovation.

Before the official conference commences, an Industry Innovation Day will be held on Wednesday, 26 October, for conference delegates and industry operators and representatives who want to take up a unique opportunity to watch presentations from many of our partners and exhibitors.

Innovation is one of the main drivers for economic growth and is critical to the success of Australia’s transition from a purely resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. I am keen to better understand through the conference papers and the Industry Innovation Day how our industry is taking on the innovation challenge.

Registrations of delegates to CMIC16 have exceeded all expectations. I would like to welcome all delegates to the conference and I am looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible.

John Mitas
Managing Director • John Mitas Consulting

John Mitas is the immediate Past President of the Institute of Quarrying Australia, and a regular contributor to Quarry. He is an inaugural member of the IQA's Quarry Manager Certification System (QMCS) board. To email John, click here.
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Thursday, 17 October, 2019 2:21am
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