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More than $20 million of spare parts inventory is held specifically for the needs of Australian customers.
More than $20 million of spare parts inventory is held specifically for the needs of Australian customers.

Reducing the long lead time of drive components

Today’s quarrying companies must do all they can to limit equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime. Reducing the lengthy lead times traditionally associated with orders, maintenance and troubleshooting capital items should be high on the agenda.

More than ever before, quarrying companies are sourcing local equipment and services from suppliers that are both in close proximity to their operations and boast inside knowledge of their unique working environments.

For essential machinery such as drive technology, quarry companies are specifying not only the highest quality tools and equipment available, but also the shortest possible lead times on assembly, delivery and maintenance.

Drives and other equipment are necessary for the continued operation of a quarry. Therefore, they must simultaneously offer high performance, safety features and ease of use. They must also be configured to unique local specifications, able to meet demanding production expectations in harsh environments and offer assistance in reducing the overall cost of operations.

Most importantly, drives and other mission critical equipment must be reliable, able to function at peak levels for the maximum amount of time, and be supported by around-the-clock maintenance and technical service.

For drive specialists supplying to Australia’s minerals industry, this means implementing the latest design and engineering innovations for both the products they make and the processes used to make them. These companies must offer ease of access to equipment and spare parts, highly trained service personnel and the technical engineering expertise to assist their mining partners with even the most challenging operational requirements.

Local support

No business can afford to be unproductive for a long time. Whether due to breakdowns from unreliable equipment or delays due to difficulties associated with maintaining old machinery, unplanned downtime can – and should – be minimised with the assistance of planned, professional assessments of necessary production equipment.

In the case of drives and drive components, many companies have suffered production losses due to the mistaken belief that this type of equipment is easily acquired.

In reality, when a breakdown occurs and service is no longer viable, a new solution must be engineered – built from the ground up to meet specific customer requirements (such as energy efficiency benefits or budget restrictions), all the while adhering to the strictest of delivery times.

SEW-Eurodrive operates a world-class heavy industrial solutions centre, based in Tullamarine.
SEW-Eurodrive operates a world-class heavy industrial solutions centre, based in Tullamarine.

Opting to partner with a local technology supplier that offers quality solutions engineered specifically for Australian environments, and stores large numbers of stock components locally, can offer minerals businesses the peace of mind that, in the unfortunate event of a breakdown, technical assistance is close at hand.

Furthermore, with unlimited access to qualified service technicians, as well as assistance in risk analysis and production planning, quarries can benefit from the shortest possible lead times for drive assembly and delivery – helping them return to normal production levels with minimal disruption.

Drop-in solutions

SEW-Eurodrive, a global designer, developer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics, is equipped to meet even the most challenging requirements from companies operating in Australia’s quarrying industry.

The company is dedicated to offering complete industrial gear unit service from a single source. To that end, it offers a wide-ranging stock of quality components, immediate delivery and repairs, access to qualified engineering support even in remote areas, and comprehensive parts and labour warranties.

In addition, SEW-Eurodrive offers tailored, engineered drop-in solutions to replace ageing machine drive assemblies for the approximate cost of servicing obsolete, unreliable and inefficient gearboxes.

Utilising a vast assortment of modern proprietary gearing and motor technologies increases reliability, efficiency and serviceability, and ultimately contributes to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The company also provides personal consultations and conceptual and engineering drawings to design a modern drive package solution that meets customers’ technical requirements. Drop-in packages are engineered and assembled in Australia from a vast assortment of stocked parts.

The company operates a heavy industrial solutions centre, based in Tullamarine, Victoria, that stocks state of the art equipment designed specifically for the requirements of Australia’s mining and quarrying sites, including cranes capable of handling up to 50-tonne loads, computer-aided gearbox assembly cells and an automated two-pack paint line. More than $20 million of spare parts inventory is held specifically for the needs of Australian customers.

SEW-Eurodrive also has service and support centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, enabling the company to offer the shortest possible lead times on industrial gear and drive package assembly and service.

Source: SEW-Eurodrive

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Tuesday, 20 August, 2019 3:52pm
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