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The SmartROC C50 delivers consistent, reliable drilling results.
The SmartROC C50 delivers consistent, reliable drilling results.

Drill rig for optimal blasting

The precision drilling offered by the SmartROC C50 drill rig provides optimal blasting results.

With a hole diameter of up to 140mm, the SmartROC C50 is an efficient and productive “COPROD” drill rig that combines the high penetration rates of top hammer drilling with the superior hole quality of down the hole drilling.

Compared to traditional drilling methods, COPROD is said to offer a longer service life and provide a more efficient method of energy transfer due to its unique dual string design. This allows more energy to be transferred to the drill bit through the jointless inner rods, improving productivity.

The drill cycle is fully automated to ensure the operator drills as planned, and rods are added and extracted automatically to reach the desired depth. The automatic feed alignment also ensures the desired angle is maintained when drilling, delivering consistent, reliable results.

CONTACT Epiroc Australia:
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Perth International Airport
WA, Australia, 6105
Phone: 1300 366 880

Thursday, 24 January, 2019 12:48am
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