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The Eumungerie quarry has been given conditional approval.
The Eumungerie quarry has been given conditional approval.

Quarry approved after further consultation

A local council has voted in favour of a sand quarry proposal that was subjected to two rounds of public consultation.

Dubbo City Council has approved an application to establish a 6000m3 sand quarry in Eumungerie, New South Wales.

As previously reported by Quarry, the council’s planning and development committee recommended a second round of public consultation in June to allow the community to have its say on a new truck route and consent conditions, both of which were proposed in response to concerns raised in the first round.

After the additional consultation period, which was held in July, the planning and development committee recommended the council approve the project with a number of new consent conditions designed to manage the potential impacts the quarry might have on the community and the environment.

At the time the recommendation was made, Dubbo mayor Mathew Dickerson said, “Such conditions include restricting the number of truck movements to 10 (five combined in-and-out movements) per week, ensuring trucks associated with the development do not pass Eumungerie Public School during school drop-off and pick-up times and erecting appropriate truck turning signs.”

“Other standard conditions have been included to limit noise and to ensure the site is rehabilitated in accordance with the approved plans,” he added.

Last week, the council unanimously voted to adopt the committee’s recommendation, giving the quarry the green light to proceed.

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Wednesday, 18 September, 2019 9:19am
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