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Tefco Trailers has designed its four-axle trailer for maximum productivity and safety.
Tefco Trailers has designed its four-axle trailer for maximum productivity and safety.

PBS-approved trailer maximises profit

Tefco Trailers’ four-axle chassis tip aluminium dog trailer helps operators maximise profit.

Under the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme, truck and trailer combinations can carry larger payloads than prescriptive vehicles. Tefco’s four-axle dog trailer is PBS-approved for 19m and 20m combinations.

In addition to increasing profits by allowing operators to transport larger volume or mass per trip, its design has been optimised for higher productivity and safety.

The trailer, which has a low tare weight and a low centre of gravity, is constructed with exclusive aluminium extrusions and features creased walls that decrease wall deflection and increase volume.

Flat and pressed internal protection sheets made from 5mm aluminium offer a robust safeguard for side walls, and varying floor thicknesses can be combined to minimise wear.

The trailer also utilises an automated tarp system that simplifies the process of loading and unloading in congested areas.

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