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Precisionscreen’s barrel washer can accept material up to 150mm in size.
Precisionscreen’s barrel washer can accept material up to 150mm in size.

Barrel washer with variable speed

Precisionscreen’s barrel washer scrubs and cleans natural pebble so it can be sold as decorative stone for landscaping.

The barrel washer circuit consists of an open feed hopper with a variable speed belt and control gate to regulate material flow.

Natural pebble before (left) and after scrubbing.
Natural pebble before (left) and after scrubbing.

Pre-screened material with a maximum size of 150mm (ideal feed size is 50mm) is fed into the open-style bin for processing. The feed material then enters the washer’s feed box where a large volume of water forces the material into the rotating barrel.

The washer’s 12 internal lifters help agitate, scrub and clean the rock, creating a rock-on-rock cleaning action that is assisted by the injection of clean water via an internal spray bar that runs the length of the barrel.

Retention time inside the barrel is controlled via the variable speed control, ranging from one to 10 revolutions per minute. Material is discharged onto a 2.4m mesh trommel for final cleaning.

Stockpilers of various sizes can be used to stockpile the finished product and can be set up in the radial wheel motion so that bins can be made for the different size rock products.


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