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Customers can benefit from a new drive drop-in package, thanks to state of the art drive technology.
Customers can benefit from a new drive drop-in package, thanks to state of the art drive technology.

Drop-in solution means out with the old

In the Australian extractive industries, companies seek ways to minimise costs while improving operational efficiencies.

However, they face the dilemma of spending considerable time and money maintaining and fixing ageing and inefficient equipment, or replacing it with new, efficient equipment.

While there are considerable concerns over the financial outlay for new equipment, the cost of continuously fixing existing equipment can be even more taxing.

In old, obsolete and inefficient drives, breakdowns are regular occurrences, meaning businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hydraulic power and belt drive failures cause up to 47 per cent of downtime in extractive operations. With each failure resulting in $3000 per hour of lost production and an average of 60 hours of downtime per incident, companies are losing up to $180,000 in production.

While good maintenance management can alleviate some of this risk, it is not a sustainable long-term solution because the chance of frequent failure still exists.

Machine functionality would not exist without the drive. Therefore, it is vital to quarrying productivity to maintain drive efficiency.

SEW-Eurodrive’s integrated solutions include geared motors and gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters and servo-drive systems and decentralised drive systems plus engineered solutions and after sales technical support.

The company offers tailored, engineered drop-in replacement solutions for ageing machine drive assemblies, for the cost of servicing obsolete, unreliable and inefficient gearboxes. It uses an assortment of modern proprietary gearing and motor technologies to increase reliability, efficiency and serviceability, contributing to a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership.

The benefits of a drop-in package include:

• Improved energy efficiency due to state of the art drive technology and automation.
• Greater productivity and system functionality.
• Reduced maintenance costs and downtime.
• Quick conversion to the latest technology.
• Solutions to suit specific application needs.

Drop-in packages are engineered and assembled in Australia utilising the company’s vast assortment of stocked parts.

Source: SEW-Eurodrive

Saturday, 20 October, 2018 04:56am
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