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Simex crusher buckets are designed to work with waste reduction and disposal on restructuring jobs and small demolition jobs.
Simex crusher buckets are designed to work with waste reduction and disposal on restructuring jobs and small demolition jobs.

Breaker, tools supplier embraces three principles of recycling

A supplier equipment's range of demolition and recycling tools is ideal for the reuse of building materials in roadworks and earthworks.

As we consider the waste hierarchy in this age of corporate responsibility, we can incorporate the “three Rs” of recycling into our on-site demolition practices: reduce, reuse, recycle.

With planning and the right equipment selection, demolition materials can be reduced, reused and recycled on-site to minimise the waste burden.

Australia’s Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities says building materials account for about half of all materials used and about half the solid waste generated worldwide. They have an environmental impact at every step of the building process: extraction of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, transportation, construction and disposal at the end of a building’s useful life.

The benefits to the operational budget, the environment and material disposal efforts make recycling aggregates an integral part of the job process. Recycling the aggregate mix of sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag and concrete saves not only landfill space but water. It reduces the need for gravel mining and can reduce pollution, with less building materials to be trucked to site.
BA Equipment Group offers a range of primary and secondary demolition tools and recycling attachments for the reuse of these building materials in roadworks, earthworks and non-structural construction applications. The range includes tools for breaking and crushing, downsizing and sorting.


With hydraulic attachments and tools from Atlas Copco and Mantovanibenne (MBI), there are a range of product options to suit productivity requirements and budget.

Tools from the Atlas Copco and MBI ranges are used to demolish and break down construction material into transportable sizes. With demolition rubble, including scrap steel to be readily sold, other building materials need to be separated for further reduction, recycling and reuse.

Attachments in the primary demolition range include breakers, crushers and combi cutters, all designed to break through concrete, steel structures, brickwork and stone. Atlas Copco’s silenced demolition tools are designed for extremely high breaking force, optimised productivity and short opening/closing times.


Secondary demolition tools include pulverisers and shears. Atlas Copco’s pulverisers combine the characteristics of demolition and can be used in primary and secondary demolition. With high power at the jaw tips, structures can be demolished with fewer bites. Speed valves shorten the working cycle time, reducing fuel time.

MBI’s fully rotating SH Eagle II scrap shears can be used on all industrial demolition sites, so materials such as scrap steel, pipes and tanks can be easily recycled. The innovative shears are light, with great wear resistance, and feature hydraulics to increase the speed of the opening/closing mobile jaw. The 360° hydraulic rotation allows accurate, efficient positioning of the attachment. Interchangeable blades can be replaced simply, to reduce costs and save time.

Sorting and recycling tools include grapples and buckets. Grapples are suitable for the sorting and loading of demolished materials. Precision handling and a synchronised jaw facilitates thin materials handling and the tools are made to handle tough conditions.

Simex crusher buckets are designed to work with waste reduction and disposal on restructuring jobs and small demolition jobs. As waste materials can be crushed and reused on the same site, cost savings can be achieved through reduced transport costs. Simex crusher buckets can crunch through bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, natural inert materials, glass, tiles and asphalt slabs, and size the material to specification.

MBI riddling buckets are used to select and separate different textured materials. Through the basket rotation, the material collected in the bucket is sieved out, leaving only the larger material. Models are available to suit excavators from four to 40 tonnes. Different size mesh screens that match the material to be selected can be easily replaced. Riddling buckets are used for the primary selection of material for fixed pulverisers, demolition debris selection and land reclamation with stone removal.

MBI grab buckets are suitable for the handling and collection of unpacked material such as metal scrap and solid waste. They can be mounted on fixed mainframes, hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders or crawlers. They have a sturdy metal structure, with powerful cylinders that give the shells a great clamping force.•

Source: BA Equipment Group

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