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The Atlas Copco HB3000 features an AutoControl stroke-length switching system which optimises the output performance and reduces the strain of idle blows.
The Atlas Copco HB3000 features an AutoControl stroke-length switching system which optimises the output performance and reduces the strain of idle blows.

Supplier boosts hammer range

A Western Australian supplier with more than 17 years in the hydraulic breaker and hammer market announces the arrival of two reputable brands to its arsenal.

BA Equipment Group, a  hydraulic hammers supplier in the Australian market for over 17 years, has recently introduced global brands Atlas Copco and MSB to its range of breakers and attachments.

Atlas Copco is a leading supplier of hydraulic breakers and silent demolition tools attached to carrier units. MSB breakers have been distributed to worldwide markets for more than 15 years. They are available with lower priced gas-firing options and mid-priced fully hydraulic models.

BA Equipment Group operates dedicated and custom-designed service centres in Perth and Brisbane and maintains an extensive hire fleet of breakers and hydraulic attachments. Specially trained hydraulic technicians are available for after-sales service and field service technicians are equipped with specialist service vehicles and tooling to supply on-site service and support.

To accommodate this product range, BA has moved its Perth workshop to larger new premises in the fast-developing industrial hub of Wangara. Combined with an established facility in Queensland, BA is Australia’s largest hydraulic attachment supplier.


Many members of the quarrying industry crave better value for money in their rock breaking equipment. BA is confident its new partnerships will meet this need.
With rock breaking attachments to suit excavators from 0.7 to 140 tonnes, options are available for every operator’s requirements. Whether it is a tool to simply get the job done or a high quality tool for dedicated production, BA offers an extended range of breakers to suit different production requirements and budgets.

Atlas Copco breakers
Atlas Copco breakers are designed for millions of blows under the harshest conditions. The breakers are among the quietest in the market, with a highly effective arrangement of elastic damping elements that isolate the percussion mechanism acoustically from the external guide system.

The energy recovery system provides additional impact performance without increasing the hydraulic input in tough conditions. The shift to the energy recovery mode is done automatically. When required, the recoil energy is converted into output energy for the next impact. By reusing the recoil energy, the breaker also stays quieter and runs more smoothly than hydraulic breakers without such a system.

The AutoControl stroke-length switching system, standard from the MB1000 breaker upwards, optimises the output performance and reduces the strain of idle blows. After one test stroke in AutoControl short-stroke mode, the breaker either stays in this mode to achieve maximum impact rate or switches automatically to the long-stroke mode to achieve maximum impact energy. The optimised ratio between impact rate and energy provides high flexibility and productivity in various applications and less strain to the breaker, carrier and operator.

As a result, the power to weight ratio and efficiency of Atlas Copco’s latest generation of medium and heavy hydraulic breakers has significantly increased. Due to lower weight and higher efficiency, less hydraulic input power is required from the carrier while maintaining maximum impact performance.

This allows smaller carriers to be used, resulting in lower investment costs for the carrier. As investment and operating costs decrease, the total cost of ownership can be reduced. As output performance affects productivity, there is a favourable impact on profits. The greater the operational efficiency of the hydraulic breaker, the greater the financial gain for customers.

Abrasive rock dust and foreign particles are effectively prevented from penetrating the sensitive area of the breaker base. Atlas Copco breakers are designed for demolition, foundation work, tunnelling, trenching, underwater work, boulder size reduction in quarries and blast-free mining.

MSB products
The MSB range of breakers provides products that are suited to hard rock, reinforced concrete, metallurgical slag, asphalt and hard and frozen ground. Its designs have been granted 14 patents for oil flow control, piston sealing, automatic greasing and product design and its factory holds ISO 14001 accreditation.

The MSB range has products to suit excavator sizes from 0.8 to 100 tonnes, all with a built-in flow control system. The MSB units have improved tool bushing, which allows easier service and maintenance processes, with field replaceable lower and upper tool bushings.
MSB breakers have heavy duty reinforced hard rock housings, providing total protection of the internal breaker mechanism and long housing wear life. The cylinder design has built-in piston and tie rod protection.•

Source: BA Equipment Group

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Wednesday, 18 September, 2019 1:26am
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