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A Powerstar 6400 tipper body with tipper trailer.
A Powerstar 6400 tipper body with tipper trailer.

Manufacturer leads the way on emissions compliance

As the quarry industry awaits the introduction of the next emissions standard for on-road trucks, a truck manufacturer has already decided to go one step further than its competitors.
The latest Powerstar trucks fully comply with emission standards to control carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, particulates and hydrocarbons in tail-pipe exhaust emissions. The next emission standard - ADR 80/04 - is earmarked for introduction in Australia in 2017.

This new standard will set significant challenges for manufacturers to meet emission targets. IVECO is already ahead of the game with the development of a Euro 6 Cursor engine.

Exhaust fumes are known to contribute to serious health conditions and have long been the subject of regulation. The four principle components of tail-pipe exhaust emissions—particulate matter (PM), nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC)—are believed to contribute to respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

In the late 1990s, the European Union implemented the Euro 4 and 5 emission limits for trucks and buses, which came into effect by law in Europe in 2008. Euro 5 standards were adopted in Australia under the Australian Design Rule ADR 80/03 in 2011. The voluntary emissions standard beyond Euro 5 was initially introduced as the Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles (EEV) standard.

In conjunction with engine and transmission specialist Fiat Powertrain Technologies Industrial (FPT), IVECO has designed a range of engines to meet regulations without the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). The group’s Tector and Cursor engines are the first of their kind for the industry to incorporate a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system combined with AdBlue dosing to control NOx emissions.

The complete package is housed in a compact, fully enclosed structure that does not impede on body building or chassis equipment mounting activities. The engines feature optimised combustion and after-treatment systems to maintain high fuel economy, lower operating temperatures and extend the operational life of the engine.

The Powerstar 6400 tipper is supplied with the IVECO’s new Euro 6 Cursor 13 engine, producing up to 500 hp and putting nearly 2300 Nm of torque to the ground.
The Powerstar 6400 tipper is supplied with the IVECO’s new Euro 6 Cursor 13 engine, producing up to 500 hp and putting nearly 2300 Nm of torque to the ground.
The new Powerstar 6400 from IVECO is supplied with the Cursor 13 engine, producing up to 500 horsepower (hp) and putting nearly 2300 Nm of torque to the ground. The industry-standard Eaton Roadranger transmission provides comfortable low speed driving and reverse manoeuvring essential for work in quarries, construction zones and mine sites.

High torque values over a wide range of engine speeds means fewer gear changes resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

With a tare weight of less than 7500kg, the new Powerstar 6400 offers maximum payload capacity with superior efficiency. Ideally suited to the requirements of the quarrying industry, the 6400 has a Gross Vehicle Mass of nearly 25 tonnes and a Gross Combination Mass of up to 58 tonnes. There is also the choice of four wheelbase configurations that can be used to mount the latest side- and end-opening tipper bodies.

IVECO is well placed to adapt its vehicle designs to meet the continually evolving emission standards and is already incorporating modifications to meet the requirements of Euro 6. The EEV standard forms the basis of Euro 6 that will be adopted in Europe in January 2013 for all new registered heavy commercial vehicles and buses.

Industry associations in Australia want to have ADR 80/04 (Euro 6) mandated for introduction in 2017. Currently there has been no date set for the introduction of the ADR 80/04 standard.

The introduction of Euro 6 aims to reduce HC emissions by more than 70 per cent, NOx by 80 per cent and PM by 50 per cent compared to the levels outlined in Euro 5. Also under the new standard, the ammonia levels of diesel and gas engine exhausts will need to be less than 10 parts per million (ppm).

IVECO’s chief executive officer Alfredo Altavilla stated that IVECO was “the first to announce our Euro 6 engine technology without the use of EGR. EGR has its place but not for vehicles that may exceed more than one million kilometres during the course of their life. FPT Industrial’s SCR technology and exhaust after-treatment fulfils this important need”.

Companies must comply with the requirements of regulation and also meet end user demand for industries to have minimal impact on the natural environment. The design approach displayed by companies like IVECO and FPT Industrial to comply with the requirements of Euro 6/ADR 80/04 means they are well placed to meet the emissions standards for Australia well ahead of time, while ensuring customer needs remain a priority.

It also enables them to be seen as good corporate citizens as they benefit from reducing their carbon footprint through improved fuel economy and serviceability.

Source: IVECO Australia

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Monday, 16 September, 2019 6:52am
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