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Hanson initially installed the Hensley GET  product on a Komatsu WA800-3 wheel loader.
Hanson initially installed the Hensley GET product on a Komatsu WA800-3 wheel loader.

Tools that work harder, longer

A Victorian operator’s switch to Komatsu Hensley XS Ground Engaging Tools (GET) has afforded it longer working hours - and less downtime - for its excavation equipment.
Located at Hanson’s Lysterfield quarry, in Victoria, plant supervisor Tory Winnell said they required tools with good rock-penetrating teeth.
Hanson has installed the Hensley GET XS115RP2 on a Komatsu WA800-3 wheel loader and also ordered the Hensley GET XS50RP2 for its Hitachi ZX450 excavator.

“We have achieved excellent results with the XS115RP2 for the WA800-3 and the XS50RP2 on the Hitachi excavator,” said Winnell.
“Our machines work long hours, including double shifts. The Hensley XS GET provides good penetration working with abrasive rock.”

The Hensley XS GET can be fitted to most earthmoving equipment, not just Komatsu machines. This is an advantage for operators running a mixed fleet, as the GET can be standardised across their machines.

Rod McCallum, Komatsu’s GET business development manager, said customers have “true choice” when selecting GET.

“The productivity of earthmoving equipment can be significantly reduced by not managing GET correctly,” he said. “Through Komatsu’s network of branches across Australia, operators can save time and money by not having to rely on multiple suppliers for GET.

“The Hensley patented ‘hammerless’ pinning system makes for safer tooth changeover, which is important to operators.

“The wear characteristics of Hensley XS mean the teeth last longer. The GET is designed for maximum strength and consumption ratios without bulk. And as the teeth remain sharp, you can work longer.

“This reduces machine downtime by not having to replace the GET as often - which we all know saves money in the long run.”

Source: Komatsu Customer Care

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Monday, 16 September, 2019 6:27am
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