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Martin Engineering has introduced a new line of truck vibrators.
Martin Engineering has introduced a new line of truck vibrators.

New Cougar truck vibrators

Martin Engineering has introduced a new line of truck vibrators - the Cougar range - which ensures complete emptying of bulk materials, reducing the need for personnel to enter dump beds for manual cleanouts.
This will reduce the incidence of injuries and also increase productivity by helping to eliminate carryback, giving drivers more payloads per cycle and fewer cycles per job.

Truck vibrators also help prevent unnecessary vehicle damage that can result from attempts to fully evacuate the material. By avoiding the sudden stops and starts commonly used to help break loose a stubborn load, vibration can reduce wear on clutches, brakes and transmissions. It also reduces the opportunity for damage to tailgates and truck beds from equipment used to remove residual material.

All Cougar 12V and 24V vibrators have shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings for good service life and are sealed against dirt, dust and water intrusion for reliability in extreme service conditions.

The small size and lightweight of the electric motors contribute to easy, low cost installation and efficient operation. All truck vibrators are available with a complete installation kit.

Source: Martin Engineering

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Wednesday, 21 August, 2019 8:54am
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