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Concept art for the proposed Quarry Intercontinental in China.
Concept art for the proposed Quarry Intercontinental in China.

Quarries to become more homely?

Quarries could be the new fashion trend in housing with two developments already in the pipeline, one in China and the other in Orange, New South Wales.
“Glamorous” and “stylish” are not words usually associated with disused quarries but this will change if and when the five-star previously known as the Sonjiang Hotel is built near Shanghai, China.

This project has been in the pipeline for years and the date currently bandied around for its completion is sometime in 2013. Construction has begun on the hotel which is now called the Quarry Intercontinental.

Atkins, the company that designed it, won an international competition to design a hotel in the water-filled quarry. It is a stunning concept combining the natural water and landscape features of the 100 metre deep quarry with a 400-bed hotel. Naturally, the hotel features underwater public areas and guest rooms, and activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping and water sports.

In Orange, NSW, the redevelopment of an old quarry on Racecourse Road could be Australia’s answer to The Quarry Intercontinental. Jim Simpson of Keronga Developments purchased the old quarry, intending to create a residential community incorporating the water-filled pit.

It is one step closer now that the area has been rezoned as residential.

Simpson sees the site as luxury homes backing the quarry walls, thereby facing the private lake. Plans are not expected until later this year.

Sources: Rural Press, Atkins

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Thursday, 20 June, 2019 5:18pm
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