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CompAir’s Quantima Q-70L model for lower pressure oil-free compressed air.
CompAir’s Quantima Q-70L model for lower pressure oil-free compressed air.

Quantima oil-free compressor

CompAir’s Quantima range has been expanded with the addition of the Q-70L model. With a minimum working pressure of just 3 bar(g), it is ideal for applications that require lower pressure oil-free compressed air.
The Q-70L incorporates CompAir’s patented Q-drive compression and motor assembly, which uses magnetic bearings to stabilise the rotor shaft. The shaft is supported in a magnetic field while spinning at 60,000 rpm and since there is no contact, there is no wear and tear on surfaces, thereby increasing its operational life.

The Q-drive system also features an asynchronous induction design, removing the need for a conventional gearbox. This means no need for oil in the compressor and so no risk of oil contamination.

Variable speed technology used in the Q-70L matches output to the exact requirements to maximise off-load running.

Energy savings of up to 25 per cent can be achieved at 2.5 per cent of full load power, which means lower running costs and a better environmental footprint.

Noise levels for the compressor are low at 69 dB(A), it has a rating of 300 kW, and a minimum working pressure of 3 bar(g).

Source: CompAir Australasia,

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Thursday, 17 October, 2019 4:11am
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