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Ensuring maximum wear life with screen media

While screening media may not be at the top of the purchasing list, there is a lot more to assess other than simple screen dimensions and hook type.
Traditionally quarries utilise heavy wire screens with different wire diameters and apertures to sort the final product from the rest of the particles. To minimise change over time and maximise wear life, the focus is on ensuring an accurate measurement of the screen deck and a correct hook selection and orientation for the machine. While this is still essential, Locker Group can offer a full range of screening media solutions, dependent on:

• The product being screened, eg cement, sand, aggregate, etc. Aperture selection is dependent on the product type and size, as is the choice of an alternative screening type, eg poly ripple, rubber or polyurethane dependent on impact and expected wear life.
• The type of material it is mixed with, eg heavy clay or fine soil. Material has a large influence on the screen type chosen and may indicate the need for piano wire screens, poly cross tension or modular screens to ensure pegging and blinding is minimised.
• The local climate and changing seasons, which affect the condition of the product being screened and can impact on throughput. Often sites specify one type  of screen for summer when the material is warm and dry, and then a ripple type screen for the wet and sticky conditions of winter.
• Throughput volumes.  Screen changeover is an inconvenience and time consuming, thus the volume of material screened has a large influence on the screen type chosen, aiming to maximise wear life and productivity.

Locker Group has the product depth combined with industry experience to offer each site unbiased advice on screen selection. It can offer: 

• Woven wire screens (hooked or flat),  with a fast turnaround from three strategically located manufacturing facilities in Australia.
• Rubber cross tension screens for superior impact and abrasion resistance, and reduced pegging and blinding.
• Wire ripple and poly ripple screens, a combination of high open area and increased vibration to ensure these screens are ideal for almost any screening environment.
• Harp wire screens for high productivity.
• Wedge wire for dewatering.
• Moulded rubber screens, for heavy duty applications incurring high impact and heavy load conditions.
• Polyurethane cross tension and modular panels, for high wear and corrosion resistance.
• A full range of complimentary accessories and fixing systems.

In addition, Locker Group has a sales force across the country in every capital city plus major regional hubs, including Townsville, Rockhampton and Newcastle.  This allows a Locker Group sales person to visit your site, understand the issues you’re facing and offer a screening solution that fits your requirements.

The next step is to start documenting your screen selection, usage and wear rates in order to feedback to site information about the cost of screening per tonne of output. This step may provide the information to show investment in changing the screening media from a traditional heavy wire mesh screen to a poly modular system is justifiable. In the case of a poly modular system, there is an initial investment required to convert across to the new system, however, once in place, individual modules can be replaced when worn, instead of replacing the total screen. In addition, the flexibility of polyurethane can improve the wear life of the entire screen.

Locker Group keeps records of each screen deck and type selection on file, so that site managers need only contact it with site and machine details to obtain a fast replacement screen. Over time, Locker Group can analyse this data to provide a specific site with options to improve productivity and throughput, reducing cost per tonne of final product.

Source: Locker Group

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Friday, 23 August, 2019 8:22am
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