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Quarry inspires hotel concept

Fancy a holiday away from the daily grind, rough and tumble of the quarry work site? Well, the Songjiang Hotel may be the perfect tonic for you!
This proposed five-star, 400-room resort hotel is currently awaiting construction in Songjiang District, near Shanghai in China. Architecture firm Atkins Design Studio, based in Bristol, UK, won a competition in 2008 to design the resort from concept paintings inspired by the landscape of this water filled, 100m deep quarry. Atkins’ other projects have included the Bahrain World Trade Centre and Tianjin’s Pile of Boxes.

“We drew our inspiration from the quarry setting itself, adopting the image of a green hill cascading down the natural rock face as a series of terraced landscaped hanging gardens,” said Martin Jochman of Atkins.

The hotel structure’s foundation will be embedded into the rock face of the former quarry. This will afford it several underwater public areas, restaurants and guestrooms facing a 10m deep aquarium. Water will naturally be prominent in the design, with waterfalls and green areas to be integrated into the structure to match the existing quarry face. The highest level over the quarry will be accessible by special lifts from the water level and will include an extreme sports centre for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping. Songjiang Hotel will also use green roofing on its structures above ground level and employ geothermal energy for its power needs.

Sources: Global Construction Watch, Atkins Design Studio, Inhabitat

Wednesday, 22 May, 2019 12:55pm
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