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Daracon Group confirms ‘milestone’ re-opening of Ardglen Quarry

Daracon Group has confirmed the re-opening of its Ardglen Quarry, which will supply material to the Upper Hunter region and surrounding areas.  

According to the company, the re-opening of the site was enabled by several approvals being finalised. Following the completion of that process, Daracon will be able to quarry basalt rock from the extension area on site.  

“Commencing work in the extension area is a milestone for the Ardglen Quarry, as it not only creates local jobs but also secures a resource for years to come that will enable efficient delivery of construction materials for various building and civil projects throughout the region,” business development director Adam Kelly said.  

Kelly was joined by Daracon Group’s executive director David Mingay and managing director Jon Mingay to mark the re-opening of the quarry which was first opened in 1890.  

Daracon Group has re-opened Ardglen Quarry. Image: Daracon Group

With the quarry now operational, the company expects to supply its quarry materials to several infrastructure projects and residential construction across the Upper Hunter region and surrounding areas.  

Kelly said the quarry’s supply would be key for several projects including the Coulsens Creek Road upgrade, various railway upgrades, council and local business works.  

“Having a reliable and secure source of construction materials is a fundamental building block for civil society,” he said.  

“The quarry enhances both business and council’s ability and capacity to undertake and deliver essential infrastructure projects, benefiting the wider community for years to come.”  

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