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‘Game-changer’: New vehicle data-sharing scheme praised

The quarrying industry has played a key role in the introduction of a new industry-led data-sharing scheme from Transport Certification Australia.  

The TCA designed the scheme to enable industries and members from around Australia to access data about vehicle activity in their sectors. The organisation hopes this will result in better evidence-based advocacy for the industry group, improved safety, and greater operational efficiency.  

This is achieved by using the Road Infrastructure Management application from the National Telematics Framework. This enables TCA’s recognised service providers to collect movement and location data.  

Under the arrangement, authorised users from industry associations can access data analytics and visualisations from their own sector through the Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP).  

“A key foundation of the industry-led data-sharing scheme is TCA’s management of transparent consent arrangements, which disclose the purpose for collecting data from participating transport operators, how the data will be used, and importantly, how it will not be used,” Austroads innovation manager Claire Caldwell said. 

The quarrying industry has been pivotal in trialling the scheme alongside the National Bulk Tanker Association. Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia and its member were an early adopter of the industry-led data-sharing scheme.  

According to the TCA, the CCAA and NBTA worked with the organisation on voluntary studies in which they shared member’s telematics data with the TCA.  

“This initiative provides us with a single source of truth to support evidence-based discussions between the transport industry, road managers and other government authorities,” CCAA chief executive officer Michael Kilgariff said. 

“For the first time, industry representatives can gain insights on their sector’s footprint across the national road network.”  

John Gordon, Austroads manager of strategic engagement, labelled the scheme a “potential game-changer”.  

“For many industries, this is the first time they’ll have access to aggregated, de-identified reports and analysis from vehicles in their own sector,” he said. 

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