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‘Significant’ changes teased for CCAA constitution

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) is set to unveil a new constitution later this year with further details about its strategic plan also revealed.  

In a letter addressed to CCAA members, chief executive officer Michael Kilgariff laid out the timeline for the constitution changes and the importance of the strategic plan.  

It follows Kilgariff being appointed to the chief executive position earlier this year.  

“The importance of our industry in supporting Australia’s growth, along with the vital advocacy role of CCAA, has been reinforced by everyone I have met,” he wrote. 

“This engagement has been critical to the development of the new CCAA Strategic Plan which will guide our vision, mission, role and strategic policy priorities.  

“This plan will shape the future of the organisation over the next three years.  Our new strategic direction will focus on ensuring our industry is sustainable and our advocacy is clearly heard and understood.”  


Kilgariff takes on top job at CCAA

The strategic plan is being worked on alongside the CCAA constitution which has been unchanged since 2009. According to the organisation, several “significant” changes have been approved which has created a new draft constitution.  

“I will be meeting with CCAA members across Australia over the next two months to explain the detail and encourage support for the changes, which will be considered by a Special General Meeting at the end of August in Melbourne,” he wrote.  

“The proposed changes aim to modernise and simplify our constitution, aligning it with the streamlined Committee structure and ensuring better representation of members’ views on the Council.  

“These updates will provide the flexibility needed to adapt and thrive in our evolving industry landscape. 

“I am enthusiastic about the transformation underway at CCAA and look forward to sharing more details about the Constitutional changes and our new strategic direction.” 

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