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IQA Round Up: The latest member news

Did you miss out on the latest IQA events? Get out and about with the IQA branches by reading the latest member news and events from across the country in recent months.

Southern NSW region sub-branch site visit 

The SNSWR sub-branch event of the year took attendees to the state’s Southern Highlands/Tablelands region, with Holcim Lynwood quarry hosting IQA members and guests for a site visit. The event was sponsored by the ONTRAC Group.

During the visit to Lynwood, attendees witnessed an XMOR BHC in action on a 976 excavator, loading HD785 dump trucks. A static XMOR BHB bucket was also on display at the pit-viewing platform, allowing all to examine this unique bucket design up close. ONTRAC Group’s Nick Espie explained key differences between the two models and shared practical findings since they have been on the market.

At the dinner meeting later that evening, Espie took the spotlight to delve deeper into these ground engagement attachments. By comparing the older 976 bucket to the installed 6.6m3 XMOR, he highlighted significant improvements in production and loading times.


How the XMOR Bucket is at the ‘forefront of innovation’

The ONTRAC Group’s offerings were thoroughly discussed, with a focus on the XMOR BHB and BHC buckets. Key points included their origin, history, science and design, to name a few, emphasising the use of high-quality, wear-resistant steel to increase payload without compromising the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) loading tool.

Espie emphasised that contemplating an XMOR is not a one-size-fits-all rule; ONTRAC takes the time to understand the site and operational dynamics to get a suitable solution. The buckets are well worth a look.

Thank you to all members and guests in attendance, and to Holcim Lynwood and to the ONTRAC Group for their sponsorship and for showcasing innovative solutions.

SNSWR sub-branch members were treated to presentations on two XMOR buckets. Image: IQA

Victorian branch Young Member Network event

The Victorian branch Young Member Network (YMN) event, held on Friday May 3, kicked off at Lendlease, where senior development manager Samantha Wright presented the Aurora development.

Wright discussed the challenges faced by large infrastructure developments, including juggling multiple contractors on-site, environmental and community pressures, exporting excavation rock (excavation and cartage challenges), and importing construction materials (cartage and supply chain challenges).

Later in the day there was a lunch stop and networking opportunity at Republic Tavern, followed by a visit to Aurora Construction Materials, which was divided into two sections – the recycling fixed plant tour and the batching plant tour.

Attendees were guided around the recycling plant and presented with a discussion on general site challenges – staff, maintenance, weather, production, etc. This was followed by a walk-through of the large fixed plant before moving to the batching plant with information on how the operation works, as well as discussions regarding the challenges of using recycled materials in concrete batches and challenges around truck loading and water usage.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for education, networking, and professional development for all that attended.•

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