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A closer look at productivity services with CJD Equipment

Quarry learns how Volvo Construction Equipment is integrating cutting-edge technology into this product design to minimise accidents and improve the wellbeing of employees.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) wants to provide more to its customers than just machinery. The company strives to enhance site health and safety, creating an environment that promotes WorkSafe practices across all operations.

Its services and solutions are geared towards complying with and exceeding the Australian workplace safety standards. In addition, the company aims to improve the sustainability of its machinery, advancing towards zero-emission electric machines.

To deliver on its goal of enhanced efficiency and sustainability, Volvo CE has developed a sophisticated positioning service called Connected Map. It provides real-time visual overviews of all machines, vehicles, and personnel, maximising material handling efficiency, and allowing immediate communication of site changes to all users, which helps prevent accidents and ensure the welfare of all personnel.

It visualises critical job site features such as roads, load zones, dump zones, speed zones, restricted areas, and points of interest like offices, workshops, and fuel stations. This detailed mapping allows for better planning and execution of site operations, ensuring all resources are utilised efficiently and safely.

Volvo CE’s commitment to legal and ethical conduct is embedded in every aspect of its business. Image: CJD Equipment

This service is accessible through the Volvo Co-Pilot, any Android/iOS device for on-site personnel, and the Office Portal web platform for office-based staff, ensuring comprehensive accessibility and versatility. The Connected Map is not limited to Volvo equipment but is compatible with Volvo and non-Volvo machinery. This compatibility makes it a versatile tool for all construction site needs, enhancing its utility across various job site operations. Integrating Connected Maps with Volvo Site Solutions creates a synergy that boosts site efficiency and significantly improves productivity and safety.

The Office Portal function of Connected Maps enables site managers to oversee multiple locations simultaneously and streamline the management of larger sites. Safety measures such as implementing one-way traffic and speed restrictions can be introduced and communicated instantly to all CoPilot software users, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of job site operations.

Simplifying operations

Volvo Connected Loadout, an online interface, complements the Connected Maps by simplifying various aspects of transport operations. It provides a digital home for profitable transport operations, offering data and insights accessible through a user-friendly interface with role-based access.  The Volvo CE Connected Load Out App integrates data from Volvo Co-Pilot, external mobile devices, adapting to individual customer needs and preferences.

By leveraging these advanced technologies, Volvo Construction Equipment continues to lead in providing solutions in Australia that enhance the efficiency and safety of construction sites and contribute to environmental sustainability within the industry.


Volvo CE’s commitment to legal and ethical conduct is embedded in every aspect of its business, ensuring it adheres strictly to the laws and regulations of each country where we operate. This dedication extends to our business practices, promoting responsible actions in all policies and decisions.

Volvo Construction Equipment recognises the critical role that skilled operators play in enhancing jobsite health and safety. Its comprehensive Operator Training Programs are meticulously designed to ensure that Australian operators are well-versed in the features of their Volvo machines, which significantly boosts productivity and ensures safer operation.

Volvo CE has developed a sophisticated positioning service called Connected Map. Image: CJD Equipment

Optimising machine use

Volvo Construction Equipment’s Volvo Site Solutions are designed to address operational challenges comprehensively, focusing on reducing waste, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. This strategic approach is pivotal in promoting sustainability while maintaining operational efficiency on construction sites.

Its fuel and energy efficiency services are specifically tailored to minimise fuel consumption, cut operational costs, and reduce the environmental footprint. The fuel and environment service integrated into Volvo Connect allows meticulous fuel consumption monitoring. This system provides insights that help identify areas where fuel consumption can be optimised, leading to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

The hidden power of Volvo Productivity Services

Advancements in electric construction equipment

Volvo is at the forefront of electric construction, offering equipment that reduces emissions and noise levels, enhancing job site safety. Its range of fully electric solutions further demonstrates the Volvo Group’s commitment to sustainability. These include compact excavators, city buses, and heavy-duty trucks, all designed to operate with zero greenhouse gas tailpipe emissions. This diverse portfolio ensures that clients have access to sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum of applications.

The company actively collaborates with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions. This collaboration is crucial for driving changes towards a carbon-neutral future. Volvo CE leverages collective expertise and resources through these partnerships to overcome challenges and achieve our sustainability goals.

Volvo continuously seeks improvements in safety, uptime, and fuel efficiency using data from connected vehicles and machines. This data-driven approach allows us to refine our strategies and enhance the overall effectiveness of our solutions.

Its Efficient Load Out digital solution exemplifies this commitment to sustainability. The solution maximises the profitability and sustainability of mass excavation projects by connecting machine operators, truck drivers, and site managers in real time

Future developments

With a significant presence of 150,000 connected machines globally, Volvo CE is at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution, utilising extensive data to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. Our commitment extends through innovative developments such as the Volvo Co- Pilot.

The Volvo Co-Pilot is engineered to reduce the need for operator interaction with its user- friendly interface, which minimises on-screen menu navigation and sets predefined operational limits, thus significantly enhancing focus and safety on the job site.

Volvo’s growth trajectory continues with the establishment of a new manufacturing plant in Slovakia and an advanced battery plant in Sweden. Additionally, the company is opening a new software testing centre in Gothenburg and Tech Hubs in Krakow and Singapore.

Volvo’s emphasis on regulatory compliance, ethical business practices, and the forward-thinking development of electrified machinery underscore a holistic approach to modernising quarry sites. Volvo CE’s strategic focus on innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence positions it as a leading force in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

It’s efforts in embracing Industry 4.0, investing in sustainable solutions, and fostering collaborative initiatives provides a glimpse into a future where construction sites exceed in efficiency and productivity. In this journey towards a more sustainable and productive future, Volvo’s comprehensive suite of services and technologies lays the blueprint for the next generation of construction practices. •

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