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SITECH confirm Hillhead 2024 line-up

SITECH UK & Ireland has confirmed it will bring the latest innovations for Trimble civil construction field systems to Hillhead 2024.  

Attendees to the quarrying industry’s biggest showcase will be able to see SITECH’s new Trimble offerings including the new 10-inch Trimble TD540 display, the new MS976 GNSS smart antenna and the the new entry-level Trimble BX992 receiver.  

The TD540 offers increased memory and processing power over the TD520 and works initutively with the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform. The MS976 is a fully integrated GNSS positioning receiver plus antenna designed for rugged chassis or on-machine cab mounting implementing the latest Trimble Maxwell 7 Custom GPS chip and ProPoint Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) engine.  

The BX992 receiver, which incorporates the ProPoint RTK engine, has an additional dual GNSS receiver option combining with two Trimble Zephyr 3 rugged antennas with all constellations included.

Additional benefits of the new machine control solutions include enhanced support for satellite constellations such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou, as well as tighter integration between GNSS and inertial measurement units (IMU) for a more robust positioning solution overall. Advanced signal filtering and error modelling also provides better protection against interference from jamming, spoofing, and multipath effects. 

“What’s truly groundbreaking about our new positioning technology is its ability to maintain accuracy and continuity in situations where our competitor’s systems struggle,” SITECH UK regional sales manager Brian Core said.  

“In the past, if you lost clear sight of the sky due to trees or surrounding buildings, you’d have to stop and switch to a different method of working, which could potentially lead you to reverting to the old way of working with profile boards and batter rails, which consumes both time and costs.  

“These latest solutions enable operators to keep working, even in tricky environments like dense forests, and hard up against buildings that were previously off limits for machine control.”  

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SITECH UK & Ireland is the authorised dealer for Trimble civil construction field systems which is one of the leading manufacturers of machine control and guidance systems. SITECH are also now authorised dealers for Grade Control Products (GCP). GCP’s product line supports the construction technology industry by improving existing technology and boosting reliability to reduce downtime. SITECH will be showcasing some of GCP’s protection products, such as the TD540 and TSC7 casings. 

With the combination of Trimble’s innovative technology, GCP and SITECH’s extensive expertise in deploying site positioning systems and construction site software, Core said customers can get a reliable, future-proofed solution to their machine control needs. 

“It’s all about keeping our customers working efficiently, no matter how rough the terrain or how built our surrounding environment is,” Core said. 

 “With this new technology, we’re pushing the boundaries of where machine control is truly effective. Crucially, we can analyse data from these systems and provide valuable insights, demonstrating the added value we offer to customers.  

“In addition, these systems will keep delivering results in conditions where you never thought it possible before, providing a major boost to productivity and performance on any job site.”  

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