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CDE Group, Terara Shoalhaven Sand partner up for new facility

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Terara Shoalhaven Sand has partnered with CDE Group to bring plans for a new sand-washing plant to life.  

The new plant will be designed and engineered by CDE Group with the aim of enhancing product quality and bolstering production capacity. 

Terara Shoalhaven Sand has become a trusted supplier of materials since it was established more than 30 years ago.  

The company, managed by father and son Stephen and Mitch McCormac, has supplied washed river sand, top dressing, and garden mix for the construction, sports, and landscaping industries along NSW’s South Coast.  

“This is one of the largest capital investments in our company’s history and one that is primed to really deliver positively for our small team, helping us to boost capacity, improve quality and reduce plant maintenance time to allow us to refocus our resources on other value-adding tasks,” Terara Shoalhaven Sand director and founder Stephen McCormac said. 

“We’ve seen CDE’s dredge feed plant in operation and have real confidence in the technology under the hood of this plant.” 

The modern dredge-fed wash plant will replace a traditional sand trommel that has been running throughout the company’s history and has reached the end of its operational life. 

By receiving sand and gravel slurry material directly from the dredging operation, the new CDE plant will allow the family business to more than treble throughput from 60 to 190 tonnes per hour to produce a range of washed dredged sands. 

“We’ve extensive experience in this space throughout the Australian market, with multiple dredged sand wash plants running in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria,” CDE business development manager Mark Malone said. 

“The technology is proven and with our newly opened Australian headquarters we have local expertise and boots on the ground to support customers like Terara Shoalhaven Sand with the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of their plants to fully maximise the potential of their resources.”  

The plant is expected to be commissioned and fully operational later this year.

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