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Volvo CE unveils upgrades to L110H and L120H wheel loaders

After a decade as a mainstay in Volvo Construction Equipment’s wheel-loader line-up, the L110H and L120H have been upgraded.  

The L110H and L120H has been a popular pick for heavy industry operators with more than 13,000 units sold in the past decade. Now, the Volvo Construction Equipment team has delivered a comprehensive makeover with a focus on delivering on uptime and convenience.  

The fundamental upgrade is the new Volvo engine which automatically regenerates while working which saves operators needing to park up and stop production.  

The technology has been funnelled down from Volvo’s larger wheel loaders where it has been a success on the work site.  

The engine also features a new electric pump for priming the fuel system, making the procedure quicker and more convenient than with the former manual pump. And when the fuel gets to the engine you can be confident that it is clean – thanks to new captive fuel filters . These not only ensure good water separation, they also help extend engine service intervals out to an impressive 1,000 hours.  

Upgraded electrics 

Both wheel loaders now feature an all-new ignition strategy, which is designed to make operators’ lives easier. Just as in Volvo articulated haulers, the ignition key now activates and powers the machine, with no need to turn on the ground-level Main Switch at the start of every shift, before climbing into the cab. 

This approach was first introduced in Volvo CE’s L60H, L70H, L90H wheel loaders, and on the L350H unit, both receiving positive operator feedback. Quite apart from offering added convenience to operators on start up and shutdown, it also removes the risk of the battery running flat overnight because the Main Switch has been left on.

The new ignition strategy has also been designed with technicians in mind. A feature also found on the L60H-L90H and L350H is now being introduced as standard on the L110H-L120H – a lockout-tagout. Known by its acronym ‘LOTO’, this feature makes it easier to lock the battery disconnect switch in the OFF-position – thereby preventing any unwelcome energy release when conducting maintenance work.

The long serving L110H and L120H still enjoy all the other features and benefits that have made them so popular over the last decade. Always productive and built with the convenience of operators and technicians alike, this package of upgrades makes them even more so.

The L110H and L120H are part of a comprehensive line up of wheel loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment – ranging from the compact 4.5-ton L20 Electric, all the way up to the company’s 50-ton L350H. 

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