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Toolkwip Pumps provides confidence in accessories

Quarry learns how Toolkwip Pumps’ accessories catalogue is helping sites find the right tool for the job. 

The Toolkwip Pumps team knows its market. The Victorian-based company has been operating for more than two decades in the industry, providing pumps for quarries.

Edward Taylor, a sales specialist at the company, said this experience is vital.

“We go out and visit sites to make sure we supply the right gear,” he told Quarry.

“We know what’s worked best in the past and keep certain parts and products in stock.

“If a quarry wants a particular pump, we’ll ask them what it’s for. More often than not, we can tell if it’s the correct pump to use.

“We don’t want to just sell a pump. We want to make sure quarries get the best solution possible.”

Toolkwip supplies accessories tailored for pumps, filtration equipment and flow meters as part of its offering. These include hoses, valves, clamps, electrical pressure transducers, and many more.

To organise the vast array of accessories available, the company’s catalogue serves as a buyer’s guide for the industry. Toolkwip’s experienced staff have also heard all manner of nicknames for the different equipment, letting them quickly find the right part.

Taylor said the catalogue allows customers to get a rough idea of the equipment and costs in one place.

“It’s a quick reference guide for all of our products, all a customer needs to do is ring us and we can tell them if it’s in stock,” he said.

“It saves a lot of hassle. Toolkwip is a one-stop shop, so quarries don’t need to call up a dozen different suppliers to get the parts they need.

“All of the accessories are competitively priced, and if a quarry is looking to purchase in bulk we can work with them to find the best price.”

Time is money in the quarrying industry, which is why Toolkwip offers next or same-day delivery for anything ‘off the shelf’.

In a situation where there is an urgent breakdown, Toolkwip has a service team that can handle installations, repairs, and upgrades.

The company encourages its customers to undergo preventative maintenance and will set up reminders to ensure the equipment is properly maintained.

The Brisbane branch is stocked with leading brands of pumps, valves, hoses, fittings, and accessories. Image: Toolkwip

Taylor said the quarries appreciate the company’s reliability and speed.

“We’re honest with our quotes – if we can’t do something, we’ll be up front about that. We never say never, but we’re realistic about expectations,” he said.

“Typically, thanks to our staff’s experience and manpower, we can tackle almost any job, big or small.

“We’ve even had a company up in Sydney say we get stuff to them faster than local suppliers.”

The company has recently grown across the eastern coast, setting up a new branch in Brisbane. The move came after a rise in demand in the southeast Queensland region over the past several years.

The Brisbane branch is stocked with leading brands of pumps, valves, hoses, fittings, and accessories to service Queensland’s civil, quarry and mining sectors. It also features a fully equipped workshop for routine pump maintenance and repairs.

Taylor said the company plans to continue growing across Australia, supporting quarries with fast, reliable service.

“We’re also planning to improve the catalogue so it can serve as a living document,” he said.

“As we expand our offering, it will get regular updates, providing an even more in-depth look at what we offer.” •

For more information, visit toolkwippumps.com.au

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