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Hutchison quarries’ sustainable journey with CJD Equipment

CJD Equipment recently sold Hutchison Quarries three Volvo machines. Quarry finds out how the new equipment has benefited the business.

Hutchison Quarries was established in July 2004 as a local business by the Hutchison Family. Initially catering to the needs of the Warwick Shire Council and select private contractors, the quarry steadily expanded its operations over the years.

Today, it is a crucial supplier for significant corporations involved in landscaping, road construction, concrete production, and building projects.

Hutchison Quarries became part of the COLAS Australia Group in 2022. This union integrates the quarry into a more extensive network and has propelled it to prominence in the Darling Downs region.

Evan Boone, the COLAS’s Group Manager for Quarries and Aggregate Supply, oversees the Hutchison Quarries business, as well playing a pivotal role as the representative for the Asia Pacific region within COLAS Group’s global operations.

Within Asia Pacific, the group operates quarries in Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania, alongside additional operations in New Caledonia and Korea.  With approximately 470 quarries worldwide, COLAS Group is a premier entity in constructing and maintaining transport infrastructure globally.

“Hutchison Quarries has a strong DNA of quality and performance. It’s a DNA of how it’s run and how the Hutchison families expected the place to run,” Boone said.

“We’re trying to maintain that and only add good things, not take away things.”

Hutchison Quarries new Volvo L260H loader

Hutchison Quarries has recently purchased two Volvo A45G articulated haulers and a Volvo L260H wheel loader from CJD Equipment.

“Our decision to opt for Volvo machinery was a straightforward one,” Boone said.

“As part of the COLAS group, there’s a preference for sourcing equipment collectively, and Volvo has consistently been their supplier of choice.”

“While we have the flexibility to choose other suppliers. What drew us to Volvo was primarily the exceptional operator comfort and impressive fuel efficiency.”

“Fuel efficiency is a paramount consideration for us. Volvo has built a strong reputation for reliability and durability, which translates into equipment that not only endures but also holds its value well over time.”

“And considering that our operators spend extended hours in these machines, providing a comfortable working environment is essential for retaining top talent. Investing in Volvo machinery aligns with our commitment to fostering a productive and satisfying workplace.”

Hutchison Quarries partnered with CJD Equipment for training sessions. Image: CJD Equipment

Boone and the Hutchison Quarries team have spent a lot of time on equipment replacement and midlife rebuilds, ensuring optimal efficiency for their quarry operations. The recent addition of this new machinery marks a significant step in upgrading its fleet, guaranteeing the presence of reliable, safe, comfortable, and highly efficient machinery.

“The versatility of the new L260H, being in a quarry means it will do everything a bit, including tasks such as loading road trucks, stockpile management, and facilitating the loading of our pug mill for road base production and pre-coated material preparation,” Boone said.

Operator training

Hutchison Quarries’ commitment to operator training underscores its dedication to safety and efficiency. Partnering with CJD Equipment for training sessions facilitated by knowledgeable CJD staff like Product Demonstrator Sheridan O’Reilly demonstrates Hutchison Quarries’ proactive approach to maximising equipment performance and ensuring workforce competency.

“Our Hutchison Quarries staff did some operator training with CJD Equipment in January,” Boone said. “CJD Equipment staff member Sheridan, he’s an enthusiastic guy; he’s great.”

“The training has been quite good, and the fact that we can also ask Sheridan to come in and do some efficiency training and some other things more than just the basic ‘this is how you operate it’ and there you go, I think, is actually probably better than I’ve seen anyone else do it.”

Sustainability at the forefront

In an era of environmental consciousness, sustainability is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Hutchison Quarries, as part of the broader COLAS Group, recognises this and has embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable future. At the heart of this endeavour lies the ambitious 30 by 30 initiative, a commitment shared across the COLAS Group, including its regional entities such as COLAS Australia Group, under which Hutchison Quarries operates.

This initiative, which originated at the international level, sets forth a collective target to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 30 per cent by 2030, leveraging 2019 carbon emission figures as the baseline. It represents a concerted effort undertaken by the entire COLAS network, encompassing diverse approaches tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities within each operational domain.

The quarry initially catered to the needs of the local council and has steadily expanded its operations. Image: CJD Equipment

The reality is that we have very limited ways to change fuel efficiency,” Boone said. “But the biggest way we initially can change it is to buy fuel-efficient equipment and make sure we train our operators to use that equipment in a way that is fuel-efficient.”

“We’ve obviously just got our new L260H wheel loader earlier this year. So certainly, movements in that direction are going to be very important, and I think we’ll see more of that in the future.

“By replacing two older loaders with the Volvo L260H, we’ve downsized our fleet from four to three, opting for a slightly larger model. I’m particularly impressed by the size of the bucket on the L260H, as it reduces the number of passes needed to load a truck, making the loading cycle quicker. It certainly helps with the quarry’s efficiency.”

Looking ahead, Hutchison Quarries remains poised for growth and innovation. Boone said COLAS will continue efforts to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future. •

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