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‘Positive impact’: Key contracts on Darwin Shiplift revealed

The latest details on the Northern Territory’s shiplift project in Darwin have been revealed, including a key quarry contract.  

Wilga Indigenous Corporation has received $16.9 million to supply 430,000 tonnes of rock to construct the ship lift facility in Darwin. Wilga Indigenous Corporation will start transporting the rock quarry material to the ship lift site in East Arm this month. 

The Pearlson ShipLift Corporation has been awarded a $48 million contract to supply the ship lift operating system. The Ship Lift will be capable of lifting vessels up to 5,500 tonnes, enabling vessels in the defence, energy, pearling, fishing, and coastal cruising industries to be serviced in Darwin. 

During the peak of construction, the Ship Lift project will support over 250 workers, with an average of 100 workers on-site throughout construction. 

Clough BMD Joint Venture will construct the facility to meet the needs of the general fishing and maritime sector and the current and long-term needs of the Department of Defence and the Australian Border Force. In April, head contractor Clough-BMD Joint Venture began construction activity at the Ship Lift site at East Arm, including identifying underground services and demolishing existing concrete structures, and constructing temporary access to the ship lift site for construction vehicles. 

“The Clough BMD JV is delivering the Darwin Ship Lift Facility project with a local first approach, and we’re committed to making a positive impact across the Territory through education, jobs, business opportunities and community initiatives,” Clough-BMD Joint Venture project manager Luke Munro said. 

“Clough BMD JV’s focus remains on concurrently progressing procurement activities, working closely with the Territory Government to provide opportunities for Territorians to be involved in this milestone project and world-class facility.” 

The ship lift system is the componentry that physically lifts and lowers the vessels in and out of the water. The SPMT is a modular system used to move vessels around the facility once they are out of the water. The steel trestles are used to support the vessels when they are lifted out of the water and transferred onto land. 

“We are excited to design and supply this new state-of-the-art Shiplift and Transfer System for the Northern Territory Government,” Pearlson Shiplift Corporation founder Douglas Pearlson said. 

“Pearlson understands the strategic location of Darwin for both Defence and Commercial work. The Darwin Shiplift system will be capable of lifting 5,500-tonne vessels, making it the largest lifting drydock in Northern Australia.” 

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