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Victorian regulator issues reminder to quarries

The Victorian Earth Resources Regulator has reminded quarries to operate within their approval conditions.  

The regulator recently issued a notice to a Victorian quarry to conduct activities consistent with the approved work plant.  

The notice requires the quarry operator to ensure material on site does not exceed the amount required for rehabilitation.  

Earth Resources Regulator chief inspector Michael Fitzgerald said operators must be aware of and meet their regulatory and operational requirements, including those relating to site rehabilitation. 

“Quarry production is crucial to Victoria’s economic development. We’ll continue to regulate the sector in a way that allows raw materials to be extracted in accordance with relevant approvals while protecting the state’s environment,” he said. 

The Earth Resources Regulator regulates Victorian mines, petroleum and quarry sites to protect public safety and the environment. Inspectors frequently conduct checks around the state to ensure activities are conducted properly, safely and without harm or significant risk to the environment. 

In 2022-23 Victorian quarries produced more than 72 million tonnes of material used to build new housing, schools, hospitals and transport infrastructure. If the predicted high demand for raw materials continues, annual production is forecast to increase to over 100 million tonnes by 2050. 

Inspectors from the regulator will continue monitoring the Victorian quarry to ensure the site is rehabilitated in accordance with its Work Plan. 

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