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Caterpillar helps operators know more and increase productivity

Caterpillar is helping quarries measure, monitor and manage their sites with VisionLink Productivity.

Improving productivity is a core part of the quarrying industry. Low productivity means low revenue, which directly impacts profitability.

To help businesses measure, monitor and manage assets to maximise job site efficiency, Caterpillar has developed VisionLink Productivity.

VisionLink Productivity is a cloud-based platform that gathers, analyses, and summarises machine telematics and job site data from equipment on- and off-site, regardless of its brand.

As its name suggests, VisionLink Productivity helps improve productivity, but there’s more to this technology than that.

For site managers, owners, and operators, it’s important to understand how assets are being utilised and how operations are flowing. VisionLink Productivity delivers a deeper level of actionable insights. These allow users to manage changes and make improvements across the jobsite like lowering fleet costs, decreasing idle time, reducing fuel burn, and more.

VisionLink Productivity means businesses no longer need to manually compile data – a time-consuming process that’s far from airtight (and far from enjoyable).

DI.MA Ltd. is an Italian company that recovers waste materials and turns them into construction products.

“We produce industry-certified aggregates for use in construction. Particularly for concrete batching plants, asphalt plants, construction sites, road works and large logistics,” DI.MA chairman Paolo Ottonelli said.

VisionLink Productivity is a cloud-based platform. Image: Caterpillar

Working in a very competitive market, it’s incredibly important that DI.MA has clear visibility of the costs attached to each tonne of product it sells. That’s why DI.MA became an early adopter three years ago.

VisionLink Productivity helps DI.MA know where events such as payload and dumping occur.

“It’s very important to understand where, and in which phases of the process, resources are used,” DI.MA condition monitoring and digital services developer, Andrea Bresciani said.

Using VisionLink Productivity, DI.MA can track material movement between processing, plant and stockpiles. It can then track when and where the material is loaded onto trucks and taken to customers. Using the cost dashboard, DI.MA can also track how much it costs to do all this.

It allows the team to make the changes required to help drive down their cost per tonne.

DI.MA technical director Gian Luca Gamba said the use of VisionLink Productivity allows the company to assess where it has leakages or inefficiencies and improve its production cycle.

“We can then make decisions based on scientific data,” Gamba said.

The VisionLink Productivity interface is easy to use despite the complex activity going on behind the screen. Businesses can now understand volumes of data at just a glance.

Michael Miller, commercial Caterpillar consultant, said the online tool visually represents all the data.

“You can set up simple reports to have all that information delivered straight to your inbox,” Miller said.•

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