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ALLU bucket makes quick work of on-site screening

Quarry explores ALLU’s range of material processing buckets and how they can positively impact on-site screening.

Material processing involves a succession of steps that transform industrial materials from raw materials into finished parts or products.

Using an ALLU bucket can eliminate a number of steps and make processing jobs more efficient and environmentally friendly, while also minimising transport costs.

ALLU Transformer buckets offer one of the most portable processing solutions available. They allow the machine to go to the material pile instead of hauling the pile to the machine.

ALLU’s range of material processing buckets are designed to screen and separate a wide range of materials, allowing for the removal of oversized or undersized particles.

“With ALLU, the operators can transform their excavator, wheel loader, and skid steer into a multifunctional tool that will screen, mix, aerate and load all in a one-step operation,” Total Rockbreaking Solutions technical sales representative Adam Leece said.

“By using ALLU, companies can reduce their costs as there are fewer materials headed to landfills and processed materials can be re-used onsite.”

Real World Application

Due to their old-current method being very time-consuming and consisting of many steps, a company operating in the Kalgoorlie region hired an ALLU DH 3-23 with X75 blades to process stockpiles of gold ore for gold production.

Old-Current Method 

The stockpiles of gold ore on the ground were loaded into a dump truck and were then transported 30km to 40km and tipped to the ground to make another pile. A loader would then come to pick up material and tip it into a static grizzly to separate the larger lumps-product from the small product.

From grizzly, the old-small product was taken to be processed in the mill for gold production and the larger lumps and products were then transported to a crusher to be crushed to a smaller, more useable product.

New Method with ALLU DH3-23 with X75 blades attached to a Komatsu PC490

The ALLU DH3-23 attached to a Komatsu PC490 goes next to the stockpiles on the ground and starts processing the material into two separate piles.

The processed fines pile is then taken to the mill for gold production, while the oversize rock pile is taken to a crusher that will crush the oversize into a smaller and usable product.

With this method, loading and transporting the material to the grizzly and using the grizzly are completely avoided, which saves time, money, and equipment.

This method took the operator 19 minutes and 48 seconds to screen, calculated to an average of 211.88 tonnes per hour.

“It is not only the time savings but also saving on maintenance and labour cost as with the Allu DH3-23 bucket there is one less wheel loader and operator needed in this application,” Leece said.


The ALLU M Series bucket is compatible with large excavators and wheel loaders. Image: ALLU

ALLU M Series

Designed for large-scale material processing and screening applications, the ALLU M Series bucket is compatible with large excavators and wheel loaders.

It’s suitable for a wide range of applications in multiple industries, including mining and quarrying. It can be used for screening, crushing, mixing, and loading materials, among other tasks.

By integrating screening and loading into one attachment, operations are streamlined, reducing material double handling, the need for additional equipment and manual labour.

The ALLU M bucket contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for transportation and separate processing of materials.

The ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher D Series is a versatile attachment. Image: ALLU

ALLU D Series

The ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher D Series is a versatile attachment designed for material processing, screening and recycling across the construction, excavation, recycling and agriculture industries.

It enables efficient screening of material into different particle sizes, and it can screen and separate various materials such as various soil types, sand, gravel, topsoil, compost, biomass and demolition waste, producing reuseable end products and minimising waste products.

The ALLU D Series adapts and transforms according to the application, with interchangeable blades and drums able to meet the different requirements of the application. It’s designed for high efficiency and productivity, eliminating the need for separate screening and processing equipment which streamlines operations and saves time and costs.

The on-site screening and processing reduce the need for external transportation and minimise environmental impact.

Local Support

ALLU’s extensive range of products are distributed to over 30 countries around the world and are available across Australia throughout the authorised dealership network. The dealership network will also conduct any required maintenance.

For more information, visit, or to find the dealer in your state, visit

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