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The XMOR digs deeper for greater productivity

Quarry explores how dealers and original equipment manufacturers can help utilise the XMOR Bucket.

Often, clients reach out directly to ONTRAC after hearing about the XMOR Bucket, which is quickly making a name for itself in Australia’s heavy industries.

JK Williams took a slightly different approach. The NSW-based civil works company wanted a certain level of productivity from its Liebherr excavator and to find an attachment that could help it get there.

It worked closely with Liebherr area sales manager (earthmoving and material handling division) James Bond who recommended ONTRAC and the XMOR Bucket.

“We went to some of the other manufacturers, but the XMOR was able to give us the productivity without compromising the machine,” Bond told Quarry.

“Liebherr is a premium product, and we see ONTRAC as a premium product as a bucket manufacturer, so it was the right thing to pair the two together for this particular machine.

“It is one of our core values, and for us, it doesn’t come down to price; I’ll go to the bucket manufacturer and pay more if you know it will last.”

The XMOR Bucket uses SSAB’s Hardox 500 Tuf wear plates and Strenx structural steel in its durable design. The unique keel design further reduces weight and enables more structural stability. The inverted shape of the keel helps minimise ground contact and wear on the bottom of the bucket, which saves customers time on maintenance and repairs.

The bucket exchanges weight for payload while maintaining the durability and structural integrity expected from heavy industry attachments.

JK Williams uses the XMOR Bucket on its Liebherr excavator. Image: ONTRAC

JK Williams is one of the bigger earthworks companies in NSW. They have come to specialise in bulk earthworks, which require durable machines and equipment that can handle a high load.

Bond recounted the day when JK Williams received the XMOR Bucket from ONTRAC.

“When the bucket turned up, he didn’t really register it was the XMOR, and he asked me, ‘What’s this bucket doing here?’ and I said, ‘That’s the bucket you ordered,’ and I remember his exact words,” Bond said.

“His exact words were ‘didn’t I do well!’ and I remember that stuck out to me.”

In the case of JK Williams, which was replacing a different excavator size with its new Liebherr model, the XMOR meant they could maintain their productivity.

While JK Williams has only recently taken delivery of the bucket, Bond said there were clear benefits in adding the XMOR to their Liebherr excavator.

“It gave them a bigger reach, compared to what they previously had, and maintained the capacity,” he said.

“It is an Australian-made bucket with a European design and the hardox steel as well, so there is a lot of confidence there (from our end) that it is of good quality.”

While some customers engage ONTRAC directly to see how the XMOR Bucket could help their productivity and efficiency in moving product, the Australian company also deals with original equipment manufacturers and dealers to provide a bucket solution.

The unique keel design reduces weight and enables more structural stability. Image: ONTRAC

Liebherr had worked previously with ONTRAC to get an XMOR Bucket into the hands of an Australian customer.

Bond worked with the team at JK Williams and ONTRAC product specialist Nick Espie to create the ideal configuration that would suit the company’s Liebherr excavator.

“I was dealing with Nick, and I was amazed by the level of detail he goes to,” Bond said.

“He took the Liebherr brochure and was able to show us the level of productivity we would get (with the XMOR bucket).

“He actually educated me as a salesperson about where we could go to, and I found him to be very engaging.”

ONTRAC values its approach to after sales service as well. The company manufactures and holds replacement parts, called wear packs, for the XMOR Bucket and can conduct on-site inspections to ensure the bucket works as expected.

Bond told Quarry he would not hesitate to recommend ONTRAC’s XMOR bucket in the future.

“At the end of the day, that is the bit that is in the dirt and taking on most of the work,” Bond said.

“While pumps and all that can be damaged, the bucket is effectively the one which is making the money, and we know ONTRAC’s bucket will last the journey.”

For more information, visit ontracgroup.com.au

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