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Achieve maximum impact with Keestrack’s R3h impactor

Quarry takes a look at the contractor’s best friend: Keestrack’s award-winning R3h impactor.

Since its introduction to the market, the Keestrack R3h impactor has taken the crushing industry by storm. The redesigned R3h has been enhanced from its predecessor, the R3. It features 30 per cent more screening surface via the screen box and 12 per cent heavier blow bars, creating greater inertia leading to more throughput and a lower cost per tonne.

The impactor’s design lends itself to various applications, including quarrying and natural rock to gravel and asphalt production, as well as brick and concrete recycling.

Ciaran Lagan, Screenmasters national sales manager, told Quarry the machine had been one of the equipment supplier’s most popular in Australia.

Screenmasters are proud of its portfolio of brands, including European manufacturer Keestrack. The Keestrack partnership was born some 20 years ago from shared values: a want to provide operators with the best-in-class equipment that is productive and cost-effective. Since Keestrack introduced the R3h impactor on the market, it has won several awards, including the German Design Prize and the Big See Award. In particular, the machine was recognised for its electric drive capability when it was announced as a prestigious Red Dot Award winner in 2018. The compact crusher, powered by a Volvo power unit and the largest rotor in its class, has a capacity of 250tph, dependent on the application.

The bottom apron on the R3h has pretensioned springs.

When foreign material like steel from recycled concrete passes to the bottom apron, the springs compress to enable the uncrushable object to pass and for the hydraulic adjustable magnet to remove the object.

“It has a heavier and larger rotor compared to the competitors, that is directly driven off the engine through a gearbox and fluid coupling, which allows it to have more inertia when crushing,” Lagan said. “This means it can crush larger feed sizes and deliver higher crushing rates, impressive for its size.”

In some instances, the Keestrack R3h’s versatility has seen operators move from a traditional jaw crusher, cone crusher and screen set-up to just one machine, the Keestrack R3h Impactor. Saving thousands on capital, transport, fuel and servicing costs.

The small footprint of Keestrack’s machine enables the end users to operate it autonomously and efficiently transport the unit from site to site, quickly and at low cost. The 30-tonne impactor does not need permits and can be transported in one piece.

Hydraulic steel pipes, sealed bearings, large access doors and ports to key components allow for easy and safe servicing, reducing downtime and costs for maintenance and replacement.

“Customers are seeing an increase in production, maintenance has been easier, and they’ve seen a decrease in fuel consumption,” Lagan said.

Keestrack uses a variable displacement pump with load-sensing hydraulics, which only uses the required amount of hydraulic power at any one time, so end users will see about 25 per cent less fuel being used. Lagan said Screenmasters customers use the Keestrack R3h impactor for everything from recycling to regular quarrying operations.

“The R3h is ideal for small to medium-sized contractors or someone who has a small quarry or recycling yard,” he said.

“Because of its onboard single deck screen, Customers can make a finished product with just one machine.”

“Those small to medium-sized contractors are working in recycling and quarrying, all sorts of applications, and they want a machine that is flexible.”


Keestrack has designed the R3h impactor with various options, including diesel/ hydraulic, diesel/electric and full electric. While the electric-drive options are more prevalent in Europe, the R3h Impactor’s fuel efficiency provides a sustainable option for the diesel drive.

According to studies on the machine, when run at its optimum parameters, the R3h has the lowest fuel consumption in its class.

Screenmasters takes pride in its aftersales support, providing expert back-up service and technical advice to keep equipment running at peak performance.

Stocking an extensive range of spare and wear parts, available for immediate delivery across three sites throughout Australia.

“It is one of our highest priorities that we focus on,” Lagan said. “It is so important to limit customers’ downtime because it costs them money.”

With good housekeeping practices, the R3h has proven to be a very reliable piece of equipment.

Issues can and do arise, 85 per cent of these issues can be sorted within acceptable timeframes, limiting costs and downtime. However, a large part of Screenmasters spare parts stock is focused on the 15 per cent of issues that rarely arise but when they do so, will prove problematic.

It is this investment, that over the last 30 years has proven invaluable to both Screenmasters and their customers.

For more information, visit screenmasters.com.au

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