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IMS, Crusher Screen Sales and Hire elevate quarrying

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire has elevated the Australian quarrying industry to the next level with the new pugmill and blenders from renowned manufacturer IMS.

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire’s exclusive partnership with Irish Manufacturing Services (IMS) will reward the Australian market with two new products to help the quarrying industry.

CSSH, the IMS Australian distributor, will distribute the IMS-BP1200-48TB and PM1200-20TB.

“The two new products from IMS bring a lot of advantages to the extractive industry,” CSSH co-owner John Andersen said.

“CSSH will be on hand to help customers who want to see how this equipment can help their operations, especially for blending materials.”

The new PM 1200-20TB pugmill is equipped with two five-metre-long feed hoppers holding 10ms each, both with separate feed hopper conveyors fitted with belt scales.

These features enable operators to blend two raw materials, liquids, or powders, at once when the PM 1200-20TB is running at full capacity.

Quarries can add an optional vibrating hydraulic tipping grid to the feed hoppers. This feature helps remove oversized raw material and release lumps.

“This is a good option for those businesses that work in recycled materials like recycled asphalt,” Andersen said.

“By removing oversize material, businesses can have confidence in their quality control for the product and ensure they are meeting the right specifications for the job at hand.”

IMS is a Northern Ireland-based manufacturer that develops durable equipment for the extractive industries. Since the company was founded in 2010, the company has built a portfolio of standard and bespoke equipment with a reputation for cost-effective equipment.

IMS developed the PM1200-20TB following the IMS-PM1050-16TB pugmill. CSSH, as an IMS Australian distributor, delivered over 50 IMS-PM1050-16TB pugmills into the Australian market.

Andersen said the IMS-PM1050-16TB pugmill has been crucial to several major infrastructure projects, and the PM1200-20TB would deliver similar results.

“The options the new pugmill offers the industry are not limited to just quarry operations and the construction industry, but also in in remediation projects,” he said.

“It can also blend recycled material into road base blends on an accurate and controlled basis, ensuring the product meets specifications before leaving the quarry gate.”

Andersen said that by investing in pugmills that meet main road specifications, operators can make their operations more efficient, saving time and money.

The PM1200-20TB comes with a three-metre long pugbox to ensure a quality mix and the option of two augur designs to suit the raw material being processed.

The industry has seen recent demand for a higher percentage of blended cement and powder.

To meet the needs of the modern quarry, the PM1200-20TB can have two powder hoppers, which offer operators the ability to blend two powders.

Andersen said CSSH was able to offer mobile bulk silos from 40-100 tonnes and create a total storage and material production solution.

Using the bulk storage solution from CSSH, quarries could have one powder hopper dispensing material while the other is being refilled from the mobile silo.

Andersen said this concept could reduce slow moving products and increase sales.

IMS has equipped both feed hoppers with sensors to stop the plant before the hopper is empty and will automatically restart once refilled.

The operator maintains control of the process with a stop-and-start remote, which is linked to the pugmill.

The BP1200-48TB blender with the IMS Electric Pugmill. Image: CSSH

The pugmill has Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to an iPad in a loader or site office up to 100 metres away.

“The loader operator can control the batch mix and load trucks and multiple trailers directly from the pugmill, stopping automatically after each unit has been filled to the programmed amount,” Andersen said.

“The batch report can be sent directly from the iPad to the office or client. The plant will automatically stop if the percentage is not within the programmed allowance.”

The second machine IMS is bringing down under is the IMS-BP1200-48TB electric track blender.

The IMS-BP1200-48TB is powered by a Cat C7 genset, which can be connected to the main’s power to enable quarries to run the machine cheaper than a diesel equivalent.

The blender has four 12m3 feed hoppers, which are five metres long, but the dividing wall can be removed to create two 24m3 hoppers.

IMS has built an integrated design between the pugmill and the electric blender, that share the same feed hopper design.

“The blender can also operate with the IMS electric pugmill on skids with a 24-metre electric radial stacker,” Andersen said.

“It has the same PLC control and recording system as the Pugmills, including Wi-Fi and iPad connection.”

The BP1200-48TB Electric Blender. Image: CSSH

IMS has designed the IMS-BP1200-48TB electric track blender with a small footprint, making it portable to move around the quarry.

“The blender has a small footprint considering it has four feed hoppers and, being mobile, is ideal for moving around quarries to blend unsaleable or slow-moving products into dollars,” Andersen said.

CSSH, based in Yatala in Queensland, can provide full after sales and technical support to customers for its portfolio of IMS products.

“We stock a wide range of IMS products so if your quarry needs new equipment, we will be able to create a solution for you,” Andersen said. •

For more information, crusherscreen.com

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