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Institute of Quarrying chief praises ‘passion and determination’ of sector

Institute of Quarrying president Viv Russell has highlighted the impact of collaboration and partnership within quarrying to create a better workplace. 

Russell highlighted Katherine Evans, who runs the Bold as Brass group and has done exemplary work in advertising the need for further work in equality and diversity in the sector. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to interact with numerous individuals in our industry. Time and again, I am reminded that leadership transcends job titles and is frequently defined by passion and determination, regardless of position,” he said. 

“Katherine has shown great leadership in raising these issues, it reminds us that in 2024 there is still so much to do in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sector.  

“Whilst the examples above demonstrate that strong collaborations continue to lead the way, there is always room for improvement when it comes to ensuring we are truly inclusive of providing everyone equal opportunities in shaping our industry. 

“If we want to meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming years, we need to be working collaboratively. If we want to genuinely work collaboratively, we need to hear all the voices from across our sector and that way we will truly be better together.” 

In recent times, the IQ has collaborated with the Heavy Clay Technology Association (HCTa) and the Clay Quarries Competence Group (CQCG) in key partnerships. There has also been progress on the Minerals Strategic Safety Forum, which is a collaboration between the Mineral Products Association (MPA), British Aggregates Association (BAA), Quarry National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC), Mineral Products Association (MPQC) and IQ.  

“These fresh partnerships signify another stride in the Institute’s efforts to support our sector by providing competence and ongoing professional development to individuals working under quarry regulation,” Russell said.  

“The recognition of our respective skills and responsibilities in collaborating in such a vital area is an indication of our maturity as a sector. As ever none of us either at the corporate or individual level should be complacent. 

“I firmly believe that much of our ambition for the minerals sector will be achieved not in isolation or competition, but in partnership and collaboration.”  

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