Terex and Sheridan’s Hard Rock Quarries build a legacy


Quarry finds out why Sheridan’s Hard Rock Quarries decided to install a modular fixed plant from Terex instead of replacing its mobile machinery.

Graham Sheridan likes to think long term. In 2011, he started Sheridan’s Hard Rock Quarries with his wife Sonia, located on farmland that has been in the Sheridan family for decades.

The main quarrying operation at Hernani, NSW, was developed on land rich with volcanic soil, which fostered a history of potato and cattle farming, and still operates as the latter to this day.

Sheridan takes pride in being a specialist in basalt products, providing his customers with quality, high grade, silica free aggregates and quarry supplies.

“We produce silica free 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm aggregate products to suit a wide range of applications,” he said.

“The quarry also produces road base used for pavement construction for highways, gravel roads, road maintenance, and filling potholes. We can also provide finely crushed aggregate which can be used for driveways, pathways, and gardens.”

The quarry provides direct employment to more than 20 people from the local region, and over 40 local contractors may be engaged by the company at any time.

Graham and Sonia’s children, Toby and Abbey, are also involved in the family business, applying their production, maintenance, and engineering skills to the team. The Sheridan’s hope to keep the business in the family for many years to come.

Sheridan’s Hard Rock Quarries provides his customers with quality, high grade, silica free aggregates and quarry supplies. Image: Terex

After more than a decade of operation, the quarry’s mobile gear was beginning to wear out. Sheridan decided that instead of replacing it with a mobile plant, he wanted something fixed.

A key factor for the decision the ability to move the plant, and the ease of assembly.

Sheridan told Quarry that in another 10 years’ time, the team at Sheridan’s Hard Rock Quarries would likely have to move the plant to another location on site as the quarry grows.

“We looked around at several plants, but they seemed complex,” he said.

“We liked the simplicity of the Terex range. It’s a full-on modular system that stood out to us.”

Terex Jaques has designed its modular plant range to meet a wide range of static crushing and screening applications.

All modules are pre-engineered, pre-built, pre-wired and pre-tested to operate on a small footprint with low civil engineering and operating costs.

The modules and components can be easily transported in standard shipping containers or by road, allowing quarries to move the machinery on site to a different location, if required.

The company worked closely with Sheridan Quarry, considering product and capacity requirements, to design a modular plant that delivered the desired outcome while fitting within the available footprint.

The collaborative approach between Sheridan Quarry and Terex ensured that the solution was right before proceeding to final design and installation.

Sheridan said he wanted to be able to look back in around 30 to 40 years and still have a reliable plant.

The machines selected were a TG320 Cedarapids cone crusher with surge bin and pan feeder module, three Terex Cedarapids horizontal screen modules, Terex Canica Model 100 VSI module and a radial stockpile conveyor with some other fixed conveyors to link the modules together.

When the plant was ready to be commissioned, Terex Jaques’ service technicians worked in conjunction with Sheridan Quarry staff to get the plant operational and producing quality, in-spec aggregates at the required plant throughput.

Terex Jaques has a global service network with in-depth industrial knowledge to assist quarries. It also offers a set of field services to help meet maintenance, repair, and refurbishment needs.

As an original equipment manufacturer, Terex Jaques can also provide spare and wear parts when required. They are manufactured to strict standards, using high-quality materials, tools, and techniques.

The company can repair damaged equipment to like-new condition and restore worn or irreplaceable equipment.

The communication and strong working relationship between Terex and Sheridan Quarry has been critical to the success of this project.

Sheridan said Terex were good at liaising with the quarry team and had no complaints with how the plant was operating.

“The modular construction made assembly easy,” he said. “If we had any issues, or if something wasn’t quite right, Terex were good at making sure everything was fixed. •

For more information, visit terexmps.com

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