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Brookview Quarry proposes application to Toowoomba Council

Toowoomba’s Brookview Quarry has proposed a development application to the local council to ensure it can maintain a supply of “high quality” basalt supply.  

Brookview Quarry, located on Jentz Road in Scrubby Mountain, is run by PK & BT Bland Rural Enterprises who applied to the Toowoomba Regional Council. 

The application would keep the extraction ranges at the same levels as the existing ones but extend the quarry surface by 24 per cent to enable operators to access more material.  

“The quarry will maintain the existing production rate of up to 500,000 tonnes per annum of material suitable for a range quarry products,” the report noted. 

“The proposed pit has a total volume of approximately 2.6Mm3 of a mixture of weathered and fresh basalt.” 

The applicant will mainly use dozer ripping and drill and blast to extract the material. Blasting is expected to occur monthly. The quarry will employee eight to 12 employees to carry out operations. 

“The average extraction rate for the quarry is expected to be 250,000 tonnes per annum with a maximum rate of 500,000 tonnes per annum depending on demand,” the report stated. 

Reports into traffic, air quality, noise impacts, site management and engineering were also submitted to the council last year for the application. 

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