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Superior Industries’ stockpilers shine

Superior Industries

As quarry operators deal with intense demand levels, Superior Industries stockpilers can offer quarries the flexibility and customisation required to handle different aggregates around the work site.

Australian quarries are facing high demand for all types of excavated products, from hard rock to sand and clay, as big build projects continue to propel the construction industry and regional infrastructure efforts.

As Australian quarry operators manage their demand, stockpiling segregation can be one of the unspoken headaches on site.

Operators often want to blend products to even grading levels before the product enters the market, especially in sand and clay production.

Superior Industries’ Telestacker Conveyor, their largest radial stacking conveyor, can enable operators to create different sizes, shapes, and aggregate configurations.

“This nearly unlimited flexibility can add efficiency to an overall operation, as well as provide a higher quality product,” Superior Industries business development manager Marcis Pavars said.

Superior Industries has implemented several operator friendly features. Image: Superior Industries


Some of the most popular aggregate production within Australia focuses on asphalt, concrete, and road bases. Still, there is a growing demand for sand and clay as deposits and demand differ.

In recent years, regulations have tightened and changed on many aggregates. This has meant operators need to ensure the quality of their product batch and find equipment to help them achieve this level of consistency.

Pavars said Superior Industries has listened to feedback from customers about this.

“Each year, contractors spend millions of dollars to produce aggregate products,” he said.

“Creating the products for these applications is very complex and costly.

“Tighter specifications and tolerances mean that the importance of product quality is becoming increasingly significant.”

While many operators have considered their machinery and processes to achieve better quality aggregate, stockpiling can often be overlooked. Poor stockpiling techniques can see otherwise good quality products being wasted due to not being “in spec” or falling foul of the quality regulations.

By using stockpilers and the correct stockpiling technique, operators can gain several key business advantages:

A storage method that achieves material availability

Mitigating the impact of the three main stockpiling issues: improper segregation, degradation and contamination.

Improved product quality.

Superior Industries’ TeleStaker Conveyor has had an enduring reputation within the aggregates industry, which Pavars said had called it the “king of the stockpile”.

The TeleStacker Conveyor has been on the market for close to three decades. Still, Superior’s team of designers and engineers have consistently fine-tuned the design and features to ensure it meets the demands of the modern quarrying industry.

The stockpiler features variable height, length, and axle positions.

It may seem insignificant, but this trifecta is vital to the Telestacker Conveyor to create a layered stockpile construction critical to achieving partially and fully desegregated piles across several aggregate types.

Superior’s automated TeleStaker Conveyor has a specially designed control system that makes it easy for all operators to use, according to Superior Industries chief conveying engineer Travis Thooft.

It allows operators to select from four pile types: radial windrow for fully and partially desegrated piles, inline windrow, and radial and inline conical.

The Inline windrow setting is helpful for small areas using constant stinger motion, enabling more volume. In contrast, the radial conical pile can make small piles with less movement of the stacker but does not make a desegregated pile. The inline option does a similar aspect, just with inline rather than radial positioning.

“One major advantage of the automation system is the ability to save stockpiles. The operator can save where they’re at and shut down the machine, and the next day start right where they left off without reintroducing the parameters,” he said.

“It’s a user-friendly control system that improves performance in the field.”

The automated technology on the TeleStacker Conveyor uses technology exclusive to Superior Industries to stockpile higher in the back and lower in the front.

“It enables our stacker to produce 30 per cent more capacity than a regular radial stacker’s method,” Thooft said.

Pavars said that the automated features on the TeleStacker Conveyor would benefit most Australian quarry operators.

“It can offer a means of achieving higher productivity and higher quality products in many different types of operations,” he said.

Superior also employs winch technology in its TeleStacker’s stinger to ensure reliability and safety. The winch at the back end of the stinger ensures material is building up on top of the stinger, requiring less maintenance to maintain the cable tension.

“The way we’ve engineered our winch for stinger extensions allows for the safest and most reliable operation on the market,” Thooft said.


While some may see Superior Industries as a United States brand, the company has recently invested heavily in the Australian market.

Superior has two dealers in the Australian market. Tricon Mining Equipment offers a complete line of Superior products ranging from all product segments, including portable, modular, and stationary crushing, screening, washing and stockpiling equipment like the TeleStacker Conveyor.

Tricon manages the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria for Superior Industries.

The conveyor is designed in-house, enabling faster support for operators when required. Superior’s Australian dealers are fully equipped and trained to service all quarry operators and their needs for the Telestacker Conveyor.

“Our Australian dealers are known for not only their expertise in the industry but also their dedication to customer service,” Pavars said.

“Our customers can have confidence in enjoying the benefits of our high-quality products and their next-level service.” •

For more information, visit superior-ind.com

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