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IQ president delivers insights into enviromental impact

Institute of Quarrying

Institute of Quarrying president Viv Russell has offered his insights into the quarrying industry’s push towards sustainability.  

The longtime quarrying figure opened up in his president’s blog about the transition to a zero-carbon economy and quarrying’s role within that.  

“There is a continual need to challenge ourselves to develop and deliver more sustainable outcomes. The Institute of Quarrying (IQ) plays a crucial role in this by offering practical guidance and support and facilitating the sharing of knowledge with all members,” he wrote.  

“Our strong tradition of developing mitigation to minimise the impact on our surroundings has evolved with new technologies, enabling us to use innovative tools and techniques to evolve our approach to managing this aspect of our operations.”  

As part of this, Russell revealed that IQ will deliver new professional guidance for its members in the UK.  

This will include landscape and visual management practices, which will be updated to fit the modern quarrying industry.

“It is recognised that the visual impact of our sites is often the most obvious and contentious area for our relationships with wider society and local communities,” he wrote.  

“Not only has the guidance been revised to reflect current practice, but it also signifies a change in approach in how the institute delivers support of this kind to members.  

“The guidance, which was previously part of the larger environmental management technical handbook, will now be produced as standalone chapters.  

“This approach allows for greater accessibility and flexibility to ensure it keeps pace with the fast-changing environmental agenda. Members can obtain the new guidance in a digital and physical format to enable the institute to manage its environmental impact.” 

The UK’s quarrying sector and its sustainability efforts will be shown at Hillhead, which is the region’s largest quarrying, construction and recycling exhibition in Derbyshire.  

The event takes place in June at Hillhead Quarry after last being run in 2022 with record-breaking numbers according to organisers.  

“As president, I take pride in the Institute’s active role in engaging with key stakeholders to support a collaborative approach to meeting environmental challenges, be it from the industry, the supply chain, or the government,” Russell wrote. 

“Undoubtedly, it is one of the best opportunities for many of us to come together and experience firsthand the latest practical guidance and advances in technology available to our sector.” 

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