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Understanding the Tutt Bryant way

Tutt Bryant Equipment national business manager of crushing and screening Paul Doran spoke to Quarry about his thoughts on the current and future state of the industry.

How has Tutt Bryant grown over the past year?

To respond to the needs of our growing customer base, we have restructured our crushing and screening team so the aftersales, service and capital teams can work together more closely in a focused and integrated approach.

This will give our customers the best level of support, and it has already provided organic growth, particularly in our aftersales areas of parts and service.

What trends have you noticed in the industry?

The transition to diesel-electric and completely electrical machinery is trending globally and its uptake is growing fast. We expect this focus to continue as manufacturers aim to decarbonise their ranges.

The digitisation of equipment-monitoring is also gathering speed from the development of fleet management systems like Metso’s Metrics to the incorporation of belt scales and remote machinery control. These initiatives have the singular focus of making the customers better informed and subsequently more profitable.

How has Tutt Bryant improved its offering? What plans do you have to continue this?

Fortunately for Tutt Bryant, Metso has always been the pioneer of new crushing and screening technology, so we have had access to the above-mentioned efficiency-promoting features for several years.

The continuance comes in the form of applying RealWear remote access via our service team, which in turn allows our national product support team to access a customer’s phone via an app and look at their machine to diagnose issues. As you can imagine, this can dramatically reduce downtime spent waiting for a technician to travel to a remote location and enables the experts to direct customers to the most likely resolution quickly.

How have you incorporated new technology into your offering?

Tutt Bryant’s service technicians have access to Metrics and monitor their territories’ customer equipment to proactively identify issues before a breakdown occurs.

The RealWare facility is being used when require, and we envisage this facility being well utilised.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next few years?

There will be more and more diesel-electric machines introduced to the Australian market over the coming years, driven by decarbonisation and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) drive to make their customers more efficient with lower energy usage and higher availability due to a dramatic reduction on maintenance downtime.

We are well placed to participate in this, as Metso is scheduled to release its entire EC Range in May 2024. This will combine the best crushers in the world with the latest diesel-electric technology into the market.

What are some of the challenges that need to be overcome?

The skills shortage is the number-one issue faced by our customer base across all sectors and regions. Many are opting to consolidate their fleet to suit their existing staff numbers as growth and the subsequent new employees required represent a genuine risk to their business.

This will continue to encourage these companies to outsource those who do have staff, like Tutt Bryant, service agents or other distributors.

How has Tutt Bryant dealt with the skills shortage?

Tutt Bryant has been fortunate in identifying and recruiting skilled technicians and we provide ample product training to new staff and all technical staff as new products come online. We are understanding of family time and provide as flexible a workplace as possible to take reasonable steps to ensure that our team are happy at work.

How important is the Tutt Bryant Way? How has it helped the company succeed?

The Tutt Bryant Way values highlight a few key behaviours that we foster in our crushing and screening team, such as teamwork, but, more importantly, the application of versatility and being enterprising.

The latter two behaviours in particular are critical in ensuring we think and act laterally to make sure we have done all we can to support our customers. Great customer feedback seems to always have an element of these values.

What are your predictions for next year?

It seems that the heat of the construction market will cool nationally, like it has in a few states already, and this is likely to encourage a shift in focus from capital growth to existing fleet refurbishment in most sectors.

We believe the mining sector will remain strong on the back of the developing electrical vehicles and equipment.

Our customers’ involvement in renewables projects is also increasing, so we are pleased to support that.

What can the industry do to ensure it thrives?

Challenging market condition always encourage, by necessity, changes in approach.

As Charles Darwin said, a species’ ability to adapt will ensure its survival. A great example of that came during COVID lockdowns; business changed how it operated to remain viable, from isolating machine operators to their equipment in a quarry to restaurants focusing on no contact take-away orders.

Continuing to be agile and driving efficiency through smart technology will ensure the progressive operators thrive. •

For more information, visit tuttbryant.com.au

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