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CJD Equipment: Smarter solutions for sustainability

CJD Equipment

Grayden Leaver, executive general manager of sales and marketing at CJD Equipment, talks about how the company and Volvo are supporting a sustainable industry.

What innovations did CJD focus on developing in 2023?

In 2023, CJD Equipment has had a major development in productivity services, dedicating our efforts to providing our customers with efficient, safe, and environmentally conscious operations.

One of the standout developments of the year was the growth of Volvo Co-Pilot. Volvo Co-pilot was developed in 2016, however, this innovation saw a substantial increase in its user base. The adoption of the Connected Map functionality within Volvo Co-Pilot surge, with more customers than ever leveraging this feature to streamline and enhance their site solutions.

How has quarrying technology become smarter?

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) is continuing to integrate automation technologies and advance telematics, which has enabled the collection of vast amounts of data from machinery. From this large amount of data produced from new telematic systems, operators and site managers can gain visibility around the machines performance, fuel efficiency, maintenance needs and overall operational optimisation. This has allowed the operation of a quarry to become smarter, safer, and more connected than ever before.

By integrating these smart technologies, these advancements not only improve machinery but also contribute to the overall safety, development, and modernisation of quarry operations.

CJD Equipment
CJD Equipment and Volvo CE understand customer success relies on having the right equipment, services, and support. Image: CJD Equipment

How are advanced telematics improving the industry?

Volvo CE understand the importance of maximising machine uptime while controlling maintenance costs, which is why Volvo Caretrack and Activecare – a state of the art telematics system, is improving the way quarries are operating. Caretrack provides customers with quality connected solutions in the most efficient way possible, with real time insights into machine performance. Caretrack transfers machine data via GSM mobile network and optional satellites, capturing thousands of machine data points, and giving customers information on geofencing, onboard weighing, fuel efficiency, machine usage vs idling time and serviced planning.

Additionally, customers can upgrade this telematics technology to ActiveCare, which provides customers weekly reports on how their machine is being used and where uptime can be improved. These reports provide a summary of the machine’s technical status, including critical alarms and operating behaviour alerts that need to be addressed to ensure efficient operations and can have a positive impact on productivity and profitability.

These advance telematics systems allow customers and site managers ensure their business is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible and allows for the facilitation of proactive service planning and advanced spare part ordering.

How has Volvo’s Smarter Solutions helped to drive the quarrying industry forward?

Volvo’s tagline for Smarter Solutions is ‘You can’t be everywhere, but your worksite can’ and that really sums up what Volvo Smarter Solutions is, technology that gives site managers the ability to monitor their jobsite operations efficiently and effectively from any device and location.

CJD Equipment and Volvo CE understand that the success of customer’s projects relies on having the right equipment, services, and support to keep their equipment running efficiently and safely. This commitment is reflected in their Smarter Solutions technologies for Volvo machinery that provide more efficient operations, safer worksites, and more sustainable operations.

Connected Map, one of the focus points on Volvo’s Smarter Solutions commitment, provides a real-time fleet management and personnel management solution, easily accessible via Volvo Co-Pilot, on smartphone devices and in the office, via the Office Portal web platform. The portal function within the Connected Map simplifies the task of overseeing larger sites for site managers. It opens up the potential for simultaneous management of multiple sites. In addition to the visualisation options, it also allows the Site Manager to react to the prevailing site conditions.

What are the risks of not adopting the Internet of Things?

Volvo Construction has developed technologies to provide improved operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, enhanced safety, better customer service, innovative capabilities, and a positive environmental impact. By not adopting the Internet of things in Volvo technology, you run the risk of higher maintenance costs, unmet customer expectations and limitations in leveraging your data which is crucial for optimal equipment performance.

Are more quarries adopting electric machinery? If so, why?

At this stage, CJD Equipment has debuted Volvo electric offering across three compact models: electric mini excavators weighing two tonne (ECR18) and three tonnes (ECR25), and a five tonne (L25) electric wheel loader. While this marks our introductory release of electric machinery to the Australian market, there’s potential for the introduction of 21-tonne wheel loaders and 26-tonne excavators by the end of the year.

Notably we have seen a major growth in the Volvo Hybrid machines. These hybrid machines have gained traction due to their simplicity and reliability. The benefit is that Volvo’s hybrid technology is controlled automatically, offering a more sustainable option without the need for additional operator training. Operators simply have the Eco Mode switched in an away they go, all the operators see on the dash is a small symbol stating that the hybrid system is working and it’s in a state of charge. These efficient engines are a more environmentally conscious solution with numerous benefits for quarries, from reduced emissions to a lower total cost of ownership, increased reliability, and reduced maintenance.

CJD Equipment has debuted Volvo electric offering across three compact models. Image: CJD Equipment

How important is sustainability to quarries? How much of an affect do electric vehicles have?

In the last 12 months, Volvo has taken huge strides in electromobility, alternative fuels, and fossil free steel, and we are having discussions with customers around the journey CJD Equipment and Volvo are on in this space.

Volvo is widely recognised for its unwavering commitment to on-site and operator safety, offering industry-leading solutions. Volvo CE consistently directs its efforts towards refining existing product lines while integrating technologies to facilitate safer and more sustainable operations.

Volvo is also actively engaged in extensive behind-the-scenes endeavours aimed at achieving complete fossil free operations by 2040. A decade ahead of numerous other significant industry players. This ambitious goal aligns with meeting Science-Based Targets and underscores Volvo’s enduring commitment to environmental responsibility within quarrying practices.

The introduction to Volvo Reman Parts earlier this year marks a notable milestone in quarry sustainability efforts. These remanufactured components demonstrate an impressive reduction of up to 80 per cent in CO2 emissions compared to newly manufactured parts. Leveraging up to 85 per cent of original materials from old Volvo parts. Reman parts not only contributes substantially to emission reduction but also ensure the longevity of machinery across multiple generations.

Where do you see the technology developing in the future?

In 2023, we saw a major development in productivity services offered by Volvo used in quarries across Australia. These productivity services bring dealer and end users closer together to achieve productivity, uptime, and reduce total cost of ownership. Volvo’s Connected Map has started being utilised by our customer when preparing new quarries and increasing production levels for existing quarries.

Connected Map gives site management complete jobsite visibility, providing a visual overview of every machine, every vehicle and very visitor on site. It also allows site managers to immediately communicate any changes to the jobsite including one way traffic measures, restricted zones, and speed zones, helping reduce accidents and protect everyone on site.

What new products are you bringing to the Australian market?

2024 is an exciting year for products at CJD Equipment. In the early stages of the year, we anticipate the debut of the Volvo Rigid Haulers—comprising the R60E and R100E models—signifying a significant leap in our offerings. These Rigid Haulers have expansive payload capacities tailored for efficiently transporting heavy loads across rugged terrains.

In 2024 we will also see the release of Volvo Road Rollers, while not specific for Australian Quarries, represents an exciting addition to our lineup for the year.

What do you hope to see in the industry in 2024?

I believe 2024 will bring some exciting new challenges. I believe that OEMs, dealers, and customers are well aware of the evolving nature of the world. The path towards introducing electromobility, alternative fuels, automation, and sustainability into Australia’s quarry industry may sometimes seem lengthy and complex due to the introduction of new procedures and orientations. However, the thrilling aspect is that collectively as an industry, we have the opportunity to contribute positively to shaping the world we aspire to inhabit by actively participating in its construction.

CJD and Volvo Construction Equipment remain dedicated to supporting the industry on multiple fronts. By consistently improving current offerings, adopting new technologies, and embracing electric construction equipment, this endeavour aims to foster the creation of eco-friendly products. Additionally, our focus is to deliver top-notch site management, productivity support, and comprehensive safety packages, all geared toward enhancing the safety and efficiency of individuals within the quarry industry. •

For more information, visit cjd.com.au

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