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Caterpillar locked in on future vision

Greg Mumford is the Sales, Service and Marketing Manager for the ANZP division in Caterpillar Global Construction and Infrastructure. He gave his insights about the year that was for the industry and how Caterpillar is positioned for the year ahead to Quarry. 

How was 2023 for Caterpillar in Australia?

2023 was another year where we were proud to support Australia’s quarry industry.  Caterpillar continued pursuing its commitment to bringing Australian quarry customers the highest technology machines and advanced product support services.  The Australian quarry industry has remained very strong throughout 2023 as suppliers responded to the material requirements driven by the large civil infrastructure projects across our country.

What is the biggest issue facing the industry in the next few years?

The biggest issue facing the quarry industry in the next few years relates to the attracting and training of people who want to drive the industry forward.  People looking to embark on their careers have many choices; we need to ensure that the industry is attractive to those people to get them interested and engaged.

Greg Mumford is the Sales, Service and Marketing Manager for the ANZP division in Caterpillar Global Construction and Infrastructure. Image: Caterpillar

How is Caterpillar positioned to help quarries with this challenge?

To overcome this challenge, the quarry industry must appeal to the next generation of people about to embark on their careers.  One very important element is how sustainable the industry is and what it is doing to improve its sustainability, such as carbon emissions reductions.  Caterpillar is very well positioned to support this message, with its strong focus on fuel efficiency improvements, reducing carbon emissions, and new technologies such as Cat Payload to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

How important is it for Caterpillar to be looking at where the quarry market will be in the future so it can meet demand?

Our customers are at the centre of our product and service development strategy.  We spend a considerable amount of time with quarry customers so that we know what is important to them, so that we can deliver a product or service that helps maximise their profitability.  We are also looking for patterns or trends so that we can develop products for the future and try to anticipate customer demands in the future.

Technology feels like one of the major factors of quarrying now. How important is technology to Caterpillar’s product offering?

We recently launched our new VisionLink® application with a dedicated module designed for quarries, VisionLink Productivity.  Payload, cycle times and load and dump location and material movement can be viewed to provide insights, including the ability to monitor operator efficiency, provide coaching opportunities, highlight best practices, and show cost per ton. If the quarry uses a digital site plan and Cat GRADE 3D machine control, as built, survey data is provided automatically to show cubic meters moved and progress vs site plan. With VisionLink Productivity and Cat Payload technology, there is now the option of electronic printing tickets on loaders to eliminate traditional paper-based systems. VisionLink Productivity is available for all Cat machines used at quarries.

Can we expect new equipment or technology from Caterpillar next year?

Last year, we completed the release of our Next Gen Wheel Loaders, which are being used extensively in Australian quarries.  We expect to continue to bring those new models to Australia but with new features to help operators be more productive and sites more efficient. We have also just released our new VisionLink software, which provides industry-leading capabilities to monitor machine maintenance and productivity remotely. •

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