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Sitech boosts efficiency with advanced Loadrite technology for smarter solution


With the goal of streamlining operations in quarries and mining, SITECH Solutions, one of the top construction tech providers, is ramping up its game with the Loadrite X2350 Excavator Payload Management system integrated with InsightHQ.

This technology isn’t new in the civil construction space, but it’s now making waves by helping quarries and mines do their jobs better.

Jason Sydenham, Business Development – Key Markets for SITECH Solutions, spoke to Quarry about how the technology can boost efficiency and provide a smart quarry solution.

“I’ve been working with Loadrite products for eight years, and during this time, I’ve witnessed an exponential growth in demand from quarries seeking accurate real-time data on material weight measurements and production metrics,” he said.

Over the last 8 years Sydenham has seen an exponential increase in demand from quarries seeking accurate data on material weight measurement and production metrics.

Maximising Profits and Efficiency

The Loadrite X2350 system is like a superhero for quarries and mines. It helps them make more money by avoiding mistakes like overloading trucks or handling materials twice.

The system is smart. It tracks every bucket of material, making sure the trucks are loaded just right the first time. This not only saves money but also makes the whole process faster.

“Loadrite enables you to optimise every bucket and every truckload for maximum profit,” Sydenham said.

“Half full or half empty, if your haul trucks aren’t carrying their optimised load, you’re probably wasting money. With the X2350 on your excavator, you’ll know exactly how much material is loaded in the truck.”

Jason Sydenham, Business Development – Key Markets, SITECH Solutions

Intuitive Operation for Enhanced Efficiency

Sydenham said one standout feature of the Loadrite X2350 is that it’s easy to use.

It provides superior weighing performance without any disruption to the operations of the excavator, helping the operator to perform better.

There’s also a dashboard inside the excavator that shows how well things are going, functioning as a report card for the operator, helping them to improve every day.

Loadrite technology keeps an eye on how well the operation as a whole is doing. It tracks each job, every truck, the customers, and the different products. It’s like having a super-smart assistant, making sure everything runs smoothly.

InsightHQ – Your Productivity Sidekick

Connecting your scale to InsightHQ brings all of your quarry productivity information into one easy-to-use dashboard

Connecting your scale to InsightHQ brings all of your quarry productivity information together, enabling your team to see progress against targets.  Think of InsightHQ as the perfect companion to the Loadrite X2350, working seamlessly to enhance your operational insights.

“Connecting your scale to InsightHQ brings all of your quarry productivity information into one easy-to-use dashboard,” Sydenham said.

This means operators can check how well things are going from their computer or phone. It delivers all of the important info into one place, making it easier to see if the work is on track.

In a nutshell, Sitech Solutions with its Loadrite X2350 and InsightHQ is here to make quarries and mines work better.  This synergistic pairing acts is proving to be a reliable asset, tackling the challenges quarries face and ensuring everyone gets the most out of their work.

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