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Cemex reveals major milestone in decarbonisation journey


Cemex has revealed the company has reached a significant milestone as part of its decarbonisation strategy for its global fleet.  

The company has reached more than 1000 heavy-duty trucks powered by lower-carbon fuel. It comes after the company invested heavily in the transition to renewable diesel and natural gas over the past two years.  

“Our net-zero transition is supported by proven and readily available lower-carbon technologies that guarantee that we meet our short and medium-term decarbonization commitments,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex.  

“At the same time, we remain at the forefront of innovation and emerging transportation technologies so we can achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a net-zero CO₂ company by 2050.” 

Earlier in 2023, Cemex announced that Volvo Trucks had supplied it with the world’s first fully electric and zero-emission heavy concrete mixer truck. Additionally, the company has completed several multi-country pilots using full electric ready-mix concrete trucks. Most recently, at COP 28 in Dubai, Cemex unveiled a prototype of a fully electric mixer truck and expects to gradually continue introducing and testing new technologies. 

According to Cemex, renewable diesel and natural gas have a carbon footprint that is approximately 70 per cent and 25 per cent lower than regular diesel, respectively. The company stated that these are critical transitional technologies that will reduce carbon emissions in the short term as heavy-duty electric vehicles become viable at an industrial scale.  

Cemex confirmed it is actively collaborating with multiple original equipment manufacturers to advance net-zero transportation technologies. The company expects to gradually continue introducing and testing new prototypes for zero-emission ready-mix concrete trucks to its fleet. 

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